A rant and Rave..

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    I just thought I HAD to VENT somewhere, and what better place than the group that would KNOW why Im ranting!
    I finally finished...once and for all...BENT-ley. She is completed, and has been ridden MANY times..and aside from the inherent problems with this **** engine...when it runs half decent....she's a BLAST to ride!
    But thats not why Im here today...
    I'm SICK of these P.O.S Chinese engines! HOW are we supposed to enjoy riding our bikes under the power of these crappy engines?? I JUST went out to have a ride...and even though I have torqued and loktite'd each bolt...I STILL blew a head gasket!...Remember when the joke was "Its made in Japan"??....OMG!...they make better **** that we do! NOW...the big joke is..."Its made in China"!!...And EVERYWHERE...all I find is chinese ****!...does ANYONE know where I can find a GOOD quality Jap 4 stroke?? I have HAD IT with this junk!...Which btw....have you ever wondered why the Chinese ships are called "Junks"?? Shouldnt that give us a clue??
    Ok...so Im off my "soap-box" now...still P**sed off...but hoping for some helpful hints for my bretheren..
    Have a WONDERFUL day...Ride safe :)

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    There's no quality control for most Chinese stuff, some good some bad, ALL on the shelf (harbor freight stuff is a good example).A friend asked me if I would recommend one of those frame mount jobs (ebay happy-time clones), not really wanting to sway either way I told him "from what I've read rack-mount with a good engine is for riding, frame-mount is for tinkering/riding".Nice ride you have there, maybe a retro-fit with a Honda or Tanaka.
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    My minimum requirements for purchasing are must have a brand name and some from of manufacturer warranty (not just distributor).

    I've been burnt by Chinese **** as well but sometimes I will consider it if the manufacturer is identifiable.

    From what I have seen the HT engines are just total rubbish I would rather spend my time with hobbies value adding not being frustrated and repairing, If I were you I wouldn't spend any more time on it. I have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why people like them so much, although why they buy them is obvious.

    You probably can't go wrong with either a little Subaru or Honda. I really like my Subaru Robin EH035 although I suspect it won't be as fast as the HT but a 50cc option might work in your area. In my application with the drag from the station gear box I would very crudely estimate the Subaru at around 1.5 Human power at the wheel. I would highly recommend stretching you budget and incorporating some sort of shift kit.

    Hope that helps.
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    Just going to RAVE>>>>

    Nice looking ride!!!

    Is that a "Fleet trikes" style trike?

    Looks sturdy & comfortable!!
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    With the right preparation and optional accessory parts, Chinese bicycle engines are quite reliable.
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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks :)...After 3 months she is finally done. It is a "variation" of Jetrike. I made several mods to fit MY needs abd all the rest were fab's from my brain. Seemed like everything (except the engine) fit RIGHT on and worked perfectly the first time. Guess I was lucky with that. I HAVE found a motor that Im considering:

    Think It'll work?
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  8. tbrookes2000

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    I KNEW I could count on you guys! Lol!

    Thanks for the compliments on Bent-ley! I worked hard on her.
    So I have found THIS engine


    I'm hoping it will work out...especially since it's a multi speed motor....holly ****...looks like I'll need to buy a helmet! Rofl!
    Thanks for the help guys!