A Rant: happytimes are NOT hotrods

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  1. srdavo

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    I know the CC cannot spill over into the regular forum.... but I'm gonna spill some of the regular forum in here. (sorry)

    As some of you are aware.... we have a bunch of noobs reinventing the simple beauty of the happytime engines.
    40+ mph... heard tales of 70 mph (hopefully)

    personally, I don't have the time or energy to talk all the noobs down, before they JUMP!

    I've been playing with these lil engines for a long time...no stranger to trying to get more. here's a post, describing one good run. (in the pic, note the discoloring of the 'painted' jug.... that's another story... I ran 50:1 amsoil for 7 miles....wfo! scorched the paint, good!! hahaha (clocked at 33 mph, with Dad's Buick...btw)
    after this one bad assed run, all it would do was 4 cycle... so I put a stock jet back in.

    My other hotrod experiment was milling a head..... I had a machinest 'friend' take .030 off a head...(fücker charged me 40 bucks) hahahaha
    (untold) test run.....had good ....really good power!! Midrange.....crack the throttle & almost pull the front wheel off the ground. then the bolt holding the small gear on the crankshaft vibrated loose... mangling the keyway...hahahaha...OOPS !! Then I pedaled home!! :rolleyes7:

    I think SBP's shift kit is a winner..... takes some of the stress off the lil HT engines. But still... potentially too dámn fast!

    The big picture is.... there are noobs, prolly good mechanics.....but..... they haven't even seen a HT.... giving advice to other noobs.


    The message is: try to squeeze 4 or 5 thousand miles out of your HT (at a reasonable speed) & buy a new one!! hahahaha



    Your thoughts, Gentleman?

  2. Turtle Tedd

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    Srdavo ...you are absolutly right ...I will add..A bicycle with a motor on it is not a motorcycle...period..but for some its like talking to to wall...live and learn..the hard way
  3. arceeguy

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    Not just happytimes, but ANY motorized bicycle.
    I keep telling people that if you want to go fast, buy a small motorcycle or 150+cc scooter. It'll be much safer, and much more reliable. I don't care if you have a GEBE or a HappyTime - these MB's need an owner who is a tinkerer. A scooter is push button to start, twist, and go. All this talk about EFI, nitrous, and boost bottles is ridiculous. But I don't think that getting carb jetting correct is taking it too far. Air filters are questionable - but just harmless "ricer" waste of money doodads in the end I suppose.

    I keep my MB speeds at about 20. A lot of cagers don't expect a bicycle to be moving at 30+ mph, and that's what causes a lot of accidents IMHO. When I ride my motorcycle in town, I am careful to stay within the speed limits because I noticed that it is very easy to be going 50 in a 35 zone on a motorcycle. I think this is one of the reasons why cyclists complain that cars turn left in front of them even though the driver was looking right at them. Simple, the driver wasn't counting on them going as fast as they were! Granted, sometimes they just aren't paying attention.
  4. kerf

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    I cruse between 25 - 30 mph, it will run below red-line at 40 but that's to dam fast, IMO, for a bicycle. I'm happy at 25 but the wife tends to tailgate me and that makes me nervous. Trying to soup-up a HT is like putting a bucket seat and chrome shoes on a mule. In the end, it's still a mule.

    There are some realistic modifications one can make to a HT, like replacing fasteners, maybe a better quality carb, issues that add reliability but I agree hot rod mods will result in a broken bike. Good possibility a broken a$$ as well.
  5. arceeguy

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    Part of being a tinkerer is trying to make something better than stock, but there are some practical limits. When I was younger and hopping up VW beetles (they call it "ricing" now), a lot of people would tell me that I was wasting my time on a car that was meant to be basic transportation. But it was cheap fun and you could get a bug to accelerate pretty nicely for very little money. (pizzing off stock 5.0 Mustangs and Camaros at stoplight drag races)

    But what we're talking about here are not cars, but bicycles - and that's what some folks lose sight of. But hey, if someone wants to put nitrous on their HT or RS engine, I'll watch the youN00b video. :)
  6. moondog

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    I guess you could say the same thing to all those Harley owners who throw all that money into a Harley.

    I know one fellow that woke up to find his Harley tipped over in the garage with $3000 damage. Thinks the cat did it.

    A few months ago there were lots of pictures of Harleys at my credit union.

    Up around the counters, Harley for sale pictures. $35,000 OBO, ect.

    I asked why all the pictures. The said repos.

    Now that is a hot rod habit gone bad !

    HT setups are the new hot rods ! You can do the hot rod thing without breaking the bank ! ! ! :idea:
  7. srdavo

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    I guess what bothers me is the amount of bullsh¡t, bogus info, floating around out there, lately.
    Hopefully it doesn't steer potentially good noobs down the wrong path.
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  8. machiasmort

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    Mine does 100mph!LOL!

    I've got about 1,600 miles on mine, starting to make a little gear noise... That's what winters are for...
  9. sparky

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    Who's got EFI for a HT?
  10. RdKryton

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    You only have two seasons anyway. Ten months of winter and two months of really bad ice fishing.

  11. machiasmort

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    I'm tellin ya Rd, When I emerge from my house in the spring, I say to myself, ah, I survived another one (pulling the bike from the garrage).

    In the Fall I put the bike away and say, ah, I survived another cagerful Summer!

    What a story for the Grandkids, Grandpa survived two summers of "Free Text" on his HT! Refference to "free love" of the 60's... Yup, was out there on an HT when it was still legal for texters to "Peck and drive"..... Twenty years from now HT's probably still won't be legal!

    It's enough to make me want to wear a pair of antlers, take a handful of my back pills, and torpedo a traffic Cop on Christmas Eve, WHILE TEXTING on my cell before the new law goes into effect!!! I'll hide a camera up my sleeve and post a video on U-tube!

    LOL! Only joking guy's! Hopefuly there's no Muzzle'em sucide Ht'rs reading! LOL! Backpack full of Lead for maximum impact!
  12. machiasmort

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    I don't know what would be worse? The impact or the beating to follow, when they seen you were texting!LOL!
  13. arceeguy

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    With the economy down the toilet, it is a perfect time to look for a used ATV, motorcyle, boat, etc. The toys always get sold off first.

    I am looking at a few Kawasaki Ninja 500R's that are a few years old, and can probably be had for less than $2000 - less than the price of the damage to that hog when it tipped over. I was originally looking for a Ninja 250, but figured that a 250cc bike may not have adequate power or stability on the freeway. (even though most of my driving would be on local roads) The 500R has a 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds, and a 1/4 mile time in the 12's. Slow by superbike standards, but it'll dust all but the most exotic cars on the road, and most Harleys. :devilish:

    Had a close call on the bike last week (a car passed me, then immediately cut me off to make a right turn), so I've been taking my 110cc trail bike into work the past few days. I really dig the HT bicycle, but from now on, it'll just be joyrides and not taken to work during rush hour.
  14. machiasmort

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    These people don't pay attention. The rules of the road have become the simple rules of physics, He who has the most weight wins! I can't believe they spend the time looking for DUI's that they do and let the other nonsense go on!
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    HT+painpills+backpack full of lead (extra umph)= look on juries face when you blame it all on a cell phone text message! Antlers were only there for holiday spirit!
  18. moondog

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    I had a 69 Kawasaki triple 2 stroke once. Talk about a murdercycle !

    Rode a 750 3 cylinder 2 stroke one time too. Front wheel won't stay down ! :ack2:
  19. fasteddy

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    I once asked a German guy I worked with what the German word for motorcycle was.


  20. machiasmort

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    The very first MB I ever road was a Kawi 250 dirt bike... Talk about a learning experience! I felt like a feather on a deers back!