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  1. SimpleSimon

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    Gents, this forum is not getting much use right now. Not a problem, but I have a request, which I think can result in some terrifically useful information for the membership of MBc - really, useful to anyone interested in the topic.

    There is a tremendous wealth of information addressing nearly every conceivable question anyone might ask about motorizing a bicycle - any kind of bicycle, with just about any kind of motor, spread throughout the thousands upon thousands of posts on the forum. That is a great resource, but it is a terrific challenge to find much of it - especially for the less search protiocol literate users.

    So, here's my request:

    Would those of us who have editing access to the Knowledge Base please contribute to it? By that I mean, start a topic, and post thread links in that topic to every useful post/answer you know of/can find on the forum. Things like -

    Upgrading Engine Hardware - why it is a good idea, with links to the explanation and/or sources of the needed materials.


    Good Brakes - why they are critical, what experience has taught about various brake types, with links to posts addressing that.

    Really, any topic/question you think might be useful/important for the n00b to the community, or the experienced user wanting to upgrade their ride.

    I intend to start with my contribution to friction drives with multiple speed capabilities. You lot are all more experienced at this stuff than am I, and all of you have demonstrated a willingness to help others with information. Let's all bring that knowledge together in an encyclopedia for the users. Frankly, I can foresee a day when the Knowledge Base might grow large and comprehensive enough to warrant compiling an actual printed book to make the information available to those persons who don't have ready access to a computer, or would like to have the equivalent of a Chiltons Manual in hand out in the garage whilst wrenching.

  2. fastboy9

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    I think thats a great idea,

    On a lot of forums they have a technical articles / reference guides sub forum, perhaps we could have one of those? basically a forum with loads of locked threads, we could ask people for there contributions, some of us could write a guide on our specialist knowledge. Maybe before any are submitted we could post them up in this section of the site to verify the facts and have little contributions from each other. What do you think?

    The site has got so many brilliant informative threads and posts but they are all over the place. I was thinking little things like perhaps, Clutch adjustment guide, Oil reccomendations, Fitting disc brakes, etc.

    I'd be more than happy to look after it, and already have some good articles saved on my computer.

  3. SimpleSimon

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    Really, fastboy9, that is exactly what the Knowledge Base is intended to be for the general user of the forum - a tech reference guide. If we who have editorial privileges will simply bring the reference links together with perhaps very brief explanatory notes, then whenever we get a n00b question asked we refer the asker to the Knoewledge Base, we can pretty quickly generate an awareness of it as a useful tool.
  4. srdavo

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    I like it.

    A couple year ago, we had started something similar. We had a read-only forum, with handpicked threads.
    Categories like Carbs, drivetrains, electrical, etc.

    We asked members to submit threads...tutorials/how-tos, etc.

    At that time, we never really sparked a lot of interest, from the members. So augi pulled the plug on the forum & we integrated all the info into what is now the 'Garage".

    Now, I see more interest & enthusiasm..... so I bet it will work!! (although.... I doubt that the repeated, newby questions will EVER end-- --asking is soooo much easier than searching!! And for me...most times it's easier to answer the noob question...than search for a fix-it link :evilgrin: )

    Yep.... We need a Chilton!!
  5. BoltsMissing

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    yeah, and posts showing pics and question/problem with more info about themselves by using cp gets preference ?

    If ya get those who are, "but I don't have a camwaaa--boo hoo",
    too bad, get one.
    Who nowadays does not have a digital camera on their fone at least ?
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Welll...me, for one.

    Absolutely basic cell phone with a prepaid minutes service, no camera. I had a digital camera, but it died. Fortunately, I have access to a high quality DSLR my son owns, when he is willing to let me borrow it, anyway. He usually carries it with him everywhere.