A review and thoughts about my 4stroke bike

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by recumbentbill, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. The donor bike is a huffy cranbrook. Kit is a skyhawk stage 111 with the hausheng?[sp] 4stroke engine.I used the HD grubee rear freewheel axle kit with 56 tooth sprocket.Spokes are 12gauge. The stage 111 gear box came with a 11 tooth free wheel drive sproket which died after 30 miles. I ended up replacing the sprocket and shaft assy with the 10 tooth solid non free wheel assy. Much happier with the solid 10 tooth setup. A small reduction in speed but more torque for the hills + no pedalling from take off. Very smooth and pretty quite. I used the 50-50 gear oil and stop leak mix in the gear box[2-3oz] tried the bearing grease with mixed feelings. The gear box whines at first but does subside after awhile. The 50-50 mix works the best for subdued whine. I did away with the extra engage lever. I feel the lever and engage gear is not needed when there is a centrifical clutch. To deal with the engager I used the cable clamp that is mid way between the engager lever and gear box. I pulled the lower cable housing off . threaded the cable back through the cable clamp and up to the engager housing where I pulled the engager to engage the gears and clamped the cable then I cut the cable. I also eliminated the return springs that are inside the engager housing. Now I have a bike with just two brake levers. I finally found a front suspension shock that has a 1" steerer tube. Other shocks that I see with the proper 1" steer tube and length are usually for 24" bikes . Cruising the low life[ebay] has the shock that will work[mines on the way] The shock has a 1" steer tube with a steer tube length of 8" with the upper 4" that is threaded which will work for me.After installing I will have to cut the excess off. The Motorized cruiser bike really need a front shock..I have about 100 miles on the bike now and I'm very happy with the end result. I have had a gebe and stanton rear rack setup, a bike bug front fricton and a demesion edge rear friction drive.Several electric setups to and I have to say my present bike is my favorite. Finally I have to give a thumbs up to bird dog distributing. They made a few mistakes but have always corrected them with prompt service. Bird dogs bike tech Jeremy was very helpful and answered all of my questions.To view my build progress got to