A Royce Union 18" Mountain bike from my shed...

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    I'm thinking of keeping all the stock parts, except for maybe swapping out the brakes, multi-gears and derailer from it for some drum brakes , single gear , and engine kit . What do you guys think???

    Some questions I have:
    Q1: Should I get a Strumy-Archer dyno hub? Are they really worth it? or would something like a 6v generator be best for powering the lights? I was informed the dyno hubs can fry the light bulbs when you generate over 6v and so you have to connect the dyno to a full-wave bridge rectifier and connecting the DC in parallell with 5*1.2 nickel cadmium batteries.

    Q2: What's the best gear ratio or should i just say heck with it and get a g4 transmission?

    Q3: Would I have any use for a transmission when laws in illinois require you to travel under 20mph

    Q4: Would a 2.5hp huasheng 142 49cc engine let me travel under 20mph?

    Q5: Is it recommended that I use the chainwheels and drivers provided in the kit or can you salvage something from leftover bike parts?

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