A short round trip.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Going to take the Western Flyer to Trumbull aerodrome today to work on my Dad's ultralight trainer and show off the bike. Round trip is just about exactly 50 miles.

    My Dad says there are going to be a "few people" there to check out the bike- he's been bugging me to ride it out there since I finished it.

    He has fond memories of never owning a Whizzer..... :)

  2. rcjunkie

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    Good luck and make sure you pack the following:

    1. tire pump
    2. Spare inner tube w/ repair kit
    3. TOOLS 10mm socket wrench, allen wrenches etc....
    4. Spare exhast/intake gaskets or some gasket maker.
    5. Screw drivers

    I went for a ride yesterday and left my tool bag at home. My carb bolt fell out and carb was slipping off.....I had to ride with one hand holding the carb and another to steer :)
  3. Guest

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    Made it A-O.K.

    I took my toolpouch (see photos, it's the wad of rope ect under the tank).

    Checked the tires and filled the gas and went. I ran around 20 mph 90% of the way. I found that being it was 60F I ran best with a little bit of choke on for a looong while until it was thoroughly warmed up. ( I tried moving the needle clip, but it was too rich and bogged at anything under 3/4 throttle.)

    I got there in about 70 minutes, pretty good average for 24.something miles. I used about a half tank. I filled up there with some of the mix my Dad has on hand (40/1 Penzoil for aircooled engines)

    Took a quick couple of photos and my camera batteries died.... :sad:

    The ride home was pretty uneventful except to say it ran well, breaking in and out of a lean four cycle on the flats (it that crazy carb I tell ya'!) and pulling good on the hills. I usually pull in and lock the clutch on the downhill runs and limit my speed a bit with the brakes.

    I also noticed the bike was definitely more at ease @ 20-25 and on smooth surfaces. I kept an eye on the road surface 'cause da' bumps was BIG sometimes!

    The chain needed adjustment by the time I got back.

    That brings me to "over a hundred miles" so far.
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  5. azbill

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    looks like a nice ride in the country ...
    8) 8) 8)
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    Heck, I had a hard enough time hauling back the two bottles of Penzoil he gave me!
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    ah...not so fond memories of my old BSA chopper......Had to ride home, once, holding one of my carbs on. :x :lol:

    Joe, Sounds like you had a good ride. did ya get Dad to take it for a spin?
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    No, he was into his mowing the runway thing....he stopped to talk, ask a bunch of questions and gab, but he didn't want to ride it. I think it was because my step Mom was there. :lol: