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    I found and joined this site a few months ago. Never made a post or had much time to browse and read but my cirmcumstances have changed.. I've been riding for 3 years with no incidents.
    I recently purchased a new bike (specialized globe Centrum 08) hooked up my gebe redmax and flew off. Very surprised how fast and agile the combo was. Great for city riding. In and out of elevators up stairs curbs around and in-between cars. What can I say someone else liked it too? I hate to say it but they got mine I had it for 6 days. I made the mistake of using a cable lock that was convenient instead the kryptonite lock that kept me protected for the past 3 years with my 1stt bike. it took them less than 30 seconds. O well I get to do it again perhaps I can find a newer lighter faster engine that came out in the past 3 years. I'm open for suggestions if any one has experience with different engines. Sound is also a consideration for the city if there's a way to shut these things up I'm all ears.
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    Hello and welcome!

    Bummer on the missing bike. 30 seconds wow, that's half a New York minute I guess. Yeah, a sturdy lock and maybe an alarm too, saw some here for bikes in a thread for short money.

    A Robin 35 or Honda 35 are both 4 strokes and about the quietest engines I know of, goes great on a Gebe.
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    thanks for the advise I'll check out those 2 engines