A So. Arizona trip in July

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    I know as many people have been telling me "I must be nuts"

    The weather seemed to break, it was forecast for low 90's to a 100 and I can handle that, so I thought. So it was time to go.

    Tucson is a bicycle town and the route I wanted to take was up Oracle to Catalina state park, used to be out of town now it's in the middle of a "New" town Oro Valley. It's also usually cooler up there . (see map)
    Had to work part of Saturday so instead of riding up I cheated and had my Son drop me off because I ran out of time. It's about 25 miles. Had a beautiful afternoon/evening due to the monsoon rains.
    The Camp grounds are really nice but I dont know if I can call this camping any more, they just built a new shopping center across Oracle with a Super Walmart and more so dinner was McD's in WM after shoping for food and misc.
    Broke camp packed and then had to wait til a shower was free and then hit the road.
    I hadn't decided which way to go up to the town of Oracle or head N towards Florence and a nice RV park with tent sites, figured I'd decide when I got to Oracle Junction where the road splits.
    Headed up Oracle/Hwy 77 to Catalina and stopped for gas and breakfast Oh **** a flat on the rt. Side of the trailer. The bike lane is very overgrown and I had picked up a goat head. Luck would have the hardware store was only a 100 yards, pumped it up and off to get Slime and then back on the road again.

    Just before the Junction a flashing road sign said the road to Oracle was closed part way up, so it made up my mind for me it was going to be the RV park and the pool up towards Florence.

    Here is where the adventure really starts.
    Well I kept going and going way past the 28 miles Google said it was to the RV park and its getting hotter and hotter. Finally made it there about 1:00 PM. Spent the PM in the pool cooling off. But the weather never did. After I pulled out the Netbook to ck, I found out that the forecast had changed drastically and a Extreme Heat advisory was in effect, temps 106 to 117, S**t... Didn't get in the tent until about 1:00 AM and was up a little after 4.

    Wanted to beat the heat (5 am it's 94) and get out early.

    Headed back down 79 to Oracle Junction with a couple of butt and water breaks, it's going to be about a 70 mile day to get back home. Stopped in Catalina for brunch and a rest and then hit the 5 mile detour for construction and stopped at a Pizza place for cool and liquid. It was soo friggin Hot.
    Decided it was just going to take me all day to get home temps in Tucson where 106-108. So I hung out in the A/C for a while and got back on the bike about 2:30 PM and headed for my Daughters to wait for evening( She lives mid town)

    After playing with my grandson and resting, waiting for nite to fall I had an uneventful ride home. Well except for the sunburn and heat stroke!

    Mileage about 46 from the St. Park to Florence AZ
    Google and odo shows about 72 miles from Florence to home.

    so about 118 bicycle miles total for the trip.

    The Grubee has been great and the guys at USA Bike motors are the best, can't say enough.

    Thanks for putting up with the long post. Should I post a few Pic's?


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