A "Specialty Shop" for High-End Enthusiasts?

Should M-B.c build a special section for radical rides?

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M-B.c is most definitely here to stay, i think we all know that, & i'm really grateful to be able to contribute. along with my internet radio friends, you all are the greatest buncha online peeps i've ever known. i've never cared so much about a messageboard as i do about this one, and i'm guilty of letting my job get too personal.

The things we've experienced lately were inevitable, but i was surprised by how quickly this issue hit us. i knew we were moving fast, but wow, man.

so, i'm posting a very preliminary poll...we'll watch the statistics, including "new members" and "no. of views"...

simple & to the point...

"If we build it, they'll show up" - do you all think it might be best for tom & i to put together a "Wild In The Streets" section for the high-end enthusiasts, then hope to attract them?


"If they show up, we'll build it" - do we continue to encourage the "one-big-garage-with-a-bunch-of-tools-&-a-fridge-full-of-cold-ones" atmosphere, remaining open to a specialty forum going up when the numbers justify it?

considering i just sprung this on tom (sorry, boss) there is no deadline...we'll know what to do sooner or later.

pay attention now, i'm gonna use all caps on purpose:




i'll vote, too, sooner or later...sorry for the drama, guys 8)



What people dont look at is that is we who build the"eye candy rides" put our hearts as well as our cash into them and we dont like being bashed around by those people who think that my money makes me better than them.
I bleed red blood just like you , I love the wind in my hair(or the lack there of) just like you ,I have feelings just like you,my bike is an exspresion of myself just like yours.
I'm better than no one, all men are equal so lets act like it and learn from eachother thats why we are here.
we all have the same thing in common 2 wheels and a motor and a mind that dreams. Remember WE not I are the onlyones that can make this work.



i voted for waiting until we have a few more guys like davidinblythe on here with some wild stuff. i see no reason to build another section on here when, at this point, the majority of us are still backyard builders with limited everything. PLEASE REALIZE THAT I AM IN NO WAY BASHING ON DAVIDINBLYTHE, OR TRYING TO STIFFLE HIS POSTS, PICTURES OR CREATIVITY. his bikes are top notch and the workmanship is second to none. i like to look at that stuff as well as the low buck builds. everyone is welcome here as far as i know, and i like it that way. i like the variety of the bikes i see on here. davidinblythe, bring your pals here that are building high zoot bikes. a lot of us would like to see them. we can all learn something from those types of bikes that in some way will transcend to our bikes, be it engine mounting, fuel tanks, jack shafts, whatever. when you get right down to it, we are all here for the same reason.....because we love these quirky, wacky machines.



Everything I can think of grows from the inside out.
Right now the fancier bikes are not overriding or re-directing the flow of any forums. I too like to see all different styles; despite my personal style preferences, I love to see creative solutions to the probems that we created by wanting to create something unique. I don't, by the way, necessarily place more value on a bike that simply costs more. I do highly value ingenuity and very purpose-filled and thought-filled mechanical endevours. More than that, I have tremendous gratitude for technical help and time offered here to keep all of us up and running.

I honestly appreciate the diversity and equinamity present on this board and will support any endevours supporting such ideals, whether I agree or don't.

So far there are a few votes up there that do not correlate with the posts made, so keep that in mind. I figure only votes by people who honoured Augi's request to both post AND vote count.



My 2cents

Personally I like it all. It's all about the creative process, it's about networking, sharing hip-tips and hints, it's about swapping tales, and the wind in your face with bugs in the teeth.
I'd say there's no reason to start a special corner in the hopes that the high end builders will come. I like the "one-big-garage-with-a-bunch-of-tools-&-a-fridge-full-of-cold-ones atmosphere", I believe it keeps the comraderie. I got away from 'groups' with the old car scene because there was too much B.S. with divisions, scenesters, and attitudes.
Same with motorcycles- politics and B.S. drama
Same with the music scene Attitudes of who's better who's best.
I found with antique bicycles, motor-bicycles, and antique motorcycles, there is a better sense of community. I'd hate to see the divisions begin within this hobby 'cause then I'd have to drop out and go play by myself in my garage again. And now, for once; for the first time in my life, I really like being a part of something. I found this back in 1998 when I got my first moto-bike; there were only a few of us out there scattered about the country, but as the availability of different engine kits grew, and the popularity grew, a great community of hobbyists began to form. we all seemed to come together, have fun, and PLAY NICELY together no matter what walk of life, no matter what background; no matter what circumstance.
Hell, I build bikes from low buck (My Barnstormer for instance) to top end (my current hot rod Whizzer chopper project). It's not about economic position, it's not about being 'better' it's about friendship and having fun, while expressing yourself in a D.I.Y. artistic manner.
I'd say just leave it as it is and later on if the numbers warrant it then maybe consider a new section for the high end builds.
Just my 2 cents worth...



etheric said:
So far there are a few votes up there that do not correlate with the posts made, so keep that in mind. I figure only votes by people who honoured Augi's request to both post AND vote count.
i didn't vote yet, but YES, i'd really appreciate your post, because the statistics all work together to "give us a clue."

this is the perfect place to once again plead guilty to making it personal...daveinblythe, this poll is here specially for you because i have to admit i din't give YOU enough credit for giving US credit. i love your engineering and the ensuing results, really kick-*ss stuff, but i was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of content you hit us with. i guess i coulda tried to understand that the "blitzkrieg" was your way of saying how into it you really are. the one moddy problem i had was the smattering about of material that was mostly just pics without any relevant contribution to the topic. our rules are in place to help tom & i keep things organized and easy to navigate. so, if our community-at-large expresses a desire for a special spot for your genre, it will be done.

if it doesn't happen, right now, please don't take it personally, we all like having you here, and the eye-candy sure is a nice addition to our collection. please, stick around...because i guess the natural course would be for you to become the leader of that particular pack as your compadres congregate here, as i sincerely wish to see happen. meantime, start as many new topics as you wish, we'll be looking & reading...as we suggested to bamabikeguy re: a GEBE shop...just "tag" your subject line with something like [eye-candy] and you'll be carving out a specialty niche all by yourself 8)

EDIT: i voted...i had to go with the "garage-full-of-tools", for now.



i like the the idea of our "one-big-garage-with-a-bunch-of-tools-&-a-fridge-full-of-cold-ones" :grin:

i am in no way opposed to having a special area devoted to super trick rides but i don't think that we will have alot of input for others right now.
it seems that the majority of us are backyard budget builders who just do this m.b. thing for fun. i think tom and augi have done an excellent job of running this site and will continue to help our community grow in a logical and well thought out manner. whatever we decide to do, i support it fully :cool:



yaknow...there are 6 votes not accounted for, including 3 that are for the new spot. i don't appreciate the lack of appreciation shown by those who won't read an entire post or comply with a simple request that only benefits us all.

if you vote, please post. if you post, please vote. if you voted, getcher butt back here and tell us why :p

if we take the time to post a poll, it's because we want to know what you want.

this is a community, please get involved.


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Nov 4, 2006
hey could somebody hand me the adjustable metric crescent wrench? And a beer?
Okay...I just voted.....and.....I picked.........."one-big-garage-with-a-bunch-of-tools-&-a-fridge-full-of-cold-ones" and more importantly...a bunch of good people to hang out, swap stories , tips, trouble shoot, hash out ideas, just bs, etc...etc...etc.
in conclusion......it's the knowledge shared & entertainment... that's why I'm here :D
can I get anyone a cold one while I'm up?

"if you vote, please post. if you post, please vote. if you voted, getcher butt back here and tell us why"



My opinion is to welcome everyone without any concern for what their talent level is. I think that if we treat each other with respect we can all learn things from each other and our little community will be a fun place to hang out.

I'm a moderator on a rod forum where everyone is welcome regardless of what style of car they have. We have both high-end builders and shade tree mechanics. As a moderator my role is only to make sure the members follow our very liberal rules. For the most part I am simply a member like everyone else. I never talk about being a moderator or interfere in the direction posts take unless something gets out of hand. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and don't tolerate members that pick fights but we encourage lively discussions. We're a group of people that recognize that everyone's definition of a hotrod is different and all are welcome. The diversity is what makes us successful and interesting. The forum has been together since the early 90's and has been the source of many close friendships.

My feeling is that with a good amount of tolerance this forum could be an informative and fun place to hang if we just let it evolve. I don't see anything wrong with a forum for high-end stuff but I don't think it has to be the only place the experienced builders should have to post their stuff nor do I see a need for them to tag their posts with "eye candy" or anything like that. Sometimes I get the feeling that there is more emphasis on the way things go here than is necessary. Please don't take offense at that it's only my humble opinion.
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some very good points, george, and no offense is taken at all. your input is the kind of stuff we want and don't get enuff of...we're doing our best as evolution takes place...we're still measuring our age in number of weeks, someday i hope to be able to say we kept it together for 15 years.

moddy volunteers are needed, btw...



OK heres how I see it. I do not see a need for a builders corner now or ever. This is supposed to be a comunity where people share a love for motorized bikes weather they are new to the hobby or have been in it for years. We should be inspired by someone who knows the hobby, has built several bikes and God forbid "eye candy". With every build I do (and I've done several) I try to do somthing diffrent and better than the last one. I draw ideas from other bikes that I've seen as well as my original ideas. We should openly share our bikes and ideas and NOT belittle someone for having more than someone else. Learn from experience and for Gods sake chill out and work together...Kelly


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Aug 4, 2006
I voted "If we build it, they'll show up".

I built this board to grow, and welcome all sorts of motor-bicycle enthusiasts. I was considering making another forum called something along the lines of "Totally Mad Custom Tricked Chopper Talk" for people to discuss technical help with modifying/creating custom bike frames, or different styles, new ideas, etc.

This would just be a single forum under the "Other Issues" category, and in no way would split the group. From my standpoint, it would help maintain the content of this forum in an organized manner. Bottom line. The only reason we have different forums is to keep the board organized. If we had just one forum where you posted everything, it would be very cluttered and impossible to find anything.

If we made this new forum, anyone could still post any topics anywhere. Good old General Discussion would still be General Discussion. I don't see a split of the members or rivalry arising from this decision.



I enjoy the hanging out in the garage thing we've got going on here, but I also enjoy the efforts of the "artists" out there as inspiration. Setting up a space for them might save me the bucks that I currently spend on the motorcycle magazines I use to keep the fuze burning. Not like these guys are going to get a lot of exposure anywhere else, these are "our" builders I voted to give them a spot.- Edward



My vote is, keep it simple. I see builders corner in every category on here, granted, those with exceptional ability to fabricate frames and concepts beyond kit installation are important for the evolution of the designs, if a new area or heading will focus the resource than add it, if it will dilute wait until it is necessary. My 2 cents.



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Sep 30, 2006
I voted "build it and they will come" because it is better to have a foundation in anticipation, and adapt it as necessary, rather than get in some sort of political stance where folks have to make a red/blue choice.

If there is a "saloon" flavor wanted, well, theres pool and darts for the old farts, and video for the genXYZ's.

And, from a "shepherd" point of view, there is no sense thinking one size fits all, or that one corral can fit all the needs. I sold my cattle herd when I figured out that a one ton bull could smash the best built goat facility with an unintentional push, simply scratching an itch, he could tear up a gate.

You have the pasture- which is the general area, all members grazing. Picture galleries, bikes, tires, traveling, etc.

You have the corral-
where the group can gather on topics, be sorted. Chain, friction, belt, other.

You have the chute and head catcher- where specific problems are addressed, while the rest of the herd grazes calmly. Hi-end and basic transportation.

You have the isolation pens, where sick animals are held until cured, sold or buried. Thats the Technical area.

You don't run out and chase everything in the pasture everytime there is one little problem or debate, else the whole herd gets spooky.

There is chain drive, friction drive and belt drive. Then there will be front mounted recumbents. Certain manufacturers like eBikes out of Germany will be moving into Toys R Us, Wal Mart bankrupted an Alabama group when they were planning on offering motorbikes, then backed out because of liability concerns, after the bamaboys had invested millions in plant development.

So things are going to come and go, INCLUDING ENTIRE COMPANIES AND SYSTEMS, so it is better to have all the alternatives setup ahead of time.

Think ahead, and by differentiating from the get go, specific things are dealt with in the specific areas, and general things are dealt with in the Main Forum.



Thanks Bama......now I understand when Dad used to say "you dont crap then dig the hole" thats the clean way of sayin it