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    When I rode motorbikes, I used to always buy the workshop manual for each bike. It gave the basic tuning specs, etc.
    Something I've noticed, especially with the HT engines, is that there appear to be no standard tuning settings, such as correct mixture, float height, piston ring end-clearance, clutch adjustment, lubrication and so on, or any easily-found suppliers for carb tuning needs. ie. Jets, (they aren't hard), slide needles, slide needle jets, slides.
    When I ask about most of these things, I get SFA.
    I should correct this - either I get SFA or I get so many differing opinions that I'm lost and don't know what to do.
    (Thre's little or nothing we can do about ignition tuning.)

    A section on the site with basic specs on each type of engine would be a great help, I feel.

    Tom, I hope this doesn't sound as silly as my suggestion of a test. I knew that would rub people up the wrong way. I should have suggested a fun quiz, possibly with stickers or something for a good score.

    ... Steve
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  2. XenonDream

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    I completely agree. I've seen people run spark plug gap anywhere from .018 to .038, some say a tan plug is good; others want it black or even wet. I've shared the same frustration when receiving 10 different answers from 10 different people. As a nOOb, having a background as an auto mechanic made it a little easier to discern what sounded credible, but it was still difficult because before this I'd never touched a two stroke motor. I've since grasped a fair practical knowledge of these motors/carbs, but it was earned only after I'd sailed the seas of "SFA." In my opinion, it would be a great service to everyone to gather and post a solid list of widely acceptible specifications. Nothing beats tried and true information. I'd be happy to share what I've learned if needed.
  3. AussieSteve

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    Thanks, XenonDream, but it looks like we're the only two. I think it'd be a waste of time putting anything together.
    (And imagine the arguments)
    ... Steve
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    Hi Steve,

    The info you seek is already here. (the arguments, too. :ack2: :grin5: )

    At one time, we had the beginnings of a Happytime Manual. Info, specs & Tips were submitted.... but there wasn't very much participation, so the Manual became the 2 stroke forum & the framemount forum. (a good place to start your Search.)
    If you find any useful threads, post the links here & we'll see what we can put together.
    I won't have any time to help until after the 1st of the year.
  5. AussieSteve

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    Thanks, Dave, we'll see what happens.
    I wasn't actually looking for info myself just now, I've already done much of that searching.
    The info [/i]is[/i] already here, but so is a lot of conflicting stuff. (ie. I saw a recommendation to set the plug gap at 1/16")
    Newcomers to MBs and engines don't know which answers are sensible and are often misled.

    A couple to start the ball rolling.:-

    2009 HappyTime 2-Stroke Engine:-

    Recommended spark plug (48cc and 66cc): NGKB6HS, (colder), or NGKB5HS, (hotter).

    Spark Plug Gap (48cc and 66cc): 0.6mm, (0.024")

    Recommended Fuel/Oil Mixture (48cc and 66cc):
    Run-in: 16:1
    Thereafter: 20:1

    Compression Ratio (48cc and 66cc): 6:1

    Compression, (measured):
    48cc: ???psi - Anyone?
    66cc: 115psi

    Max Power:
    (These figures from ZBox Australia )
    48cc: 1.2kW, (1.6hp), @ 5500rpm
    66cc: 1.7kW, (2.3hp), @ 5500rpm

    Bore x Stroke:
    48cc: 40mm x 38mm
    66cc: 47mm x 38mm

    Overall Weight:
    48cc: 9kg
    66cc: 9.5kg

    NT Carburettor:
    Bore: 14mm
    Float level (48cc and 66cc): 21mm (Measured with carb upside-down and gasket removed, from gasket seating surface to highest point on float when float is held level)
    Main Jet:
    66cc: 0.7mm or 0.79mm
    Some carb tuning pointers might be good, too.
    Plug black, (mid-throttle settings) - lower the needle
    " " , (3/4 to full throttle) - smaller main jet

    And sources of jets and so on:-
    Range of main jets: Rock Solid Engines, (Australia)
    Replacement (stock) Slide: thatsdax, (USA)
    Replacement (stock) Slide Needle w/ 'C' clip: thatsdax, (USA)

    Also illustrative pics of spark plug colours and procedures such as float level measurement and clutch adjustment would be good. I can do some of that as I work on mine over Christmas.

    A beginning, at least, but we still need heaps, including sections for the other common MB engines.

    It's a shame the old Wiki Manual didn't get off the ground. A Phoenix?
    Tom, I saw your 'Need Volunteers......' thread from May this year. No takers? Not even a reply.
    (I'll be happy to put in my share of work in putting a HappyTime Owners/Workshop Manual together.)

    ... Steve

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  6. Tom

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    Yes, the wiki volunteer support has been spotty. It would be nice to have an all-inclusive info-center or knowledge-base with specs, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc. for each different type of popular engine. Would absolutely save a bunch of newbie repeat questions.

    If you would like, go ahead and start a "Specifications Thread" in the 2-stroke forum, and we can sticky it if it becomes something that people seem to be using a lot.

    Also, the mods brought up a good idea, which is having a sub-forum of the parts forum for product manuals. The two ideas do seem like they go hand-in-hand a little bit.
  7. AussieSteve

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    Done, 'HT Engine Specifications'.

    That is a good idea.

    ... Steve
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