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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and want to say thanks to all I have procured info from. After seven months of one grueling challenge after another I have finally come to a point that I can say, "I Love My MB!" I have built a stretch cruiser with full lighting(as in equivalent to a motorcycle), power and speed to spare and cooler than anything on the roads around here. Cool enough to get waves from Harley riders even.
    I have tried just about every mod anyone has suggested concerning performance and reliability. I have been successful at building a vehicle that will get me going from a complete stop without pedal assist as well as travel at 36 mph on the flat. That was a feat too as I weigh 235 and usually carry a pretty full backpack. I have even beaten the vibration issues to an extent that it feels almost as nice as a high end production scooter.
    Obviously I am not the most experienced person out there but I have come up with a winning formula and solved many problems I hear many of you asking. I am still in need of some advice but I can provide much too.

    I'm anxious to talk MB's. This is fun stuff.
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    Welcome aboard. It sounds like you've built yourself a nice bike, there. Photos would be good.

    Your remark about waving Harley riders reminds me of something that happened to me once. I had built one bike that was particularly good looking. One day I was riding it when a motorcycle turned and went into the parking lot ahead. As he turned I could see the profile of the bike. It was unmistakably a Triumph. So I rode on over to have a look.

    It turned out to be a 750 Bonneville in very nice shape. Near-showroom. I said, "Well how about that? A classic Triumph!".

    I watched this guy's eyes as he, kinda slow, looks from just about my feet to my face and says, "Nice bike....."

    That was a proud moment, let me tell ya'
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    I'm new at this too and many issues but very pleased with the results so far. I'm running an 80cc motor. Here is a pic of my first build

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