A Thread About Full Suspension Frames that can be used with center frame mounts

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  1. I got to thinking today surely the gt lts cant be the only bike that has a rear
    shock going for center mount engine kits and sure enough its not!

    check this one out


    Also I came across a high end mexican/spanish mountain bike company
    that had a huge y frame with a small shock below the top tube and looked
    plenty of room to stick in an engine

    my ultimate goal is something similar to the scooter works build but without
    the hacking and welding although i can do it i dont have access to a welder
    nor the money to buy/store one this will be an off road vehicle for the mountain trails looking to actually go 30mph uphill and do some up hill jumps

    for power im looking at an 12hp liquid cooled pocket bike engine
    please dont respond that this builds illegal blah blah blah because i know,
    and just like a dirt bike you wouldnt ride one of those on the road but there still fun off road right? quads are fun to? this isnt about pleasing the locals and staying 2hp below this is about unrestricted offroad fun!

    ......so let the list begin.....

    gt lts- everyone knows this one to bad no replacement bushings

    Marin-Team-FRS-full-suspension-Manitou- new to me

    sanchez cascales?? or something? I found it but lost the link

    please add to the list!!!:idea:

  2. 34 views and no replys? maybe im the only one looking at full suspension build for the needed safety and full suspension for a high speed build
    most cruzers are normal bikes are ok for 35mph wich is the fastest most want to go but i think most people can agree if your looking for 50mph plus you need a full suspension bike so that a pothole wont send you to your death
  3. searching google images and found this one

    2005 Specialized Epic Marathon Disc M4 Full Suspension Mountain bike

    looks great searching more now...
  4. Jeep Cherokee TSI Full Suspension Mountain Bike 24 - Speed

    and only 322usd
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  5. Proflex 657 Retro Mountain Bike
  6. rocky mountain edge

    scott bikes could possibly work to
  7. 2010 rocky mountain element looks like a close call ++ for new model new tech
  8. 2010 fuji dsr 1.0 top tube shock if engine tilted forward looks like a go
    awsome looking bike with new tech
  9. 2008 SPECIALIZED FSR XC Comp looks tight could work
  10. Ferrari CX60 Full Suspension Mountain Bike 1700usd

    this bike would deffinitly work and what cooler a bike to motorize then one made by ferrari and says ferrari i bet people would even think it came that way if you did a clean enough install
  11. trek stp 200 looks very similar to gt lts
  12. well thats all i could find on google images hopefully ive inspired sumone to do a center frame full suspension bike other then the gt lts by now if anything atleast i found some good 2010 bikes for myself i could build up i might go with a morini 6hp or 12hp liquid cooled pb motor heard more good things about the morini not heard much about the liquid cooled pb motor
  13. i just had to attach a pick of the ferrari full suspension mountain bike
    can you imagine putting a 6hp+ in this thing? it looks like the best bike ever to motorize!!! such a clean full suspension setup with plenty of room and 1700usd is not cheap but scott bikes run 6-7k! and some bikes as high as 10k! just look at the pic you gotta see it

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    A nice full suspension frame

    Here is a link to the same frame that I used for my build, works great.


    Very comfortable. I am running a 49cc and there is just enough room. I had to mod the throttle cable to fit in the standard carby but have now done 500km + and no worries with it.

    You may fit a 70cc but I dont know the size difference, the carby was the main worry in my build. This is WAAYY cheaper than what I spent on my frame and the shcok is included, mine wasnt.

    If someone buys it let me know I would love to see the setup.
  15. topend-bike

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    Another suitable frame

    Here is a link to a frame identical to the Salsa Caballero that I went with, from the same seller actually. I really still can't tell the difference between the two.


    I just went with the Salsa as it was cheaper and found great reviews for it, struggled to find anything on the above frame. It is exactly the same specs and would suit a full suspensiion build...... These frames are almost made for it.
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