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    Thursday, I took friends from Colorado out to the Barber Museum. I know that most will never see it, but some have. The museum is located in Leeds, Alabama, about 30 miles north of where I live. This is the LARGEST collection of motorcycles/motorized bikes in the world. On display, there are approximately 1/2 of Mr. Barbers collection, the other 1/2 were loaned out for display. Many of the race cars were driven by Mr. Barber in competition. Mr.Barber owns a milk processing plant (Barber's Milk), by way the best milk on the market here. What you will see in the pictures are only a small percentage of bikes, mainly like our motorized bikes (peddle start). Total collection exceeds 1,200 displays. Many are "ONE OF A KIND".

    Once at my photobucket page http://s982.photobucket.com/albums/ae309/Ron-Becker/Barber Motorsports/ ,look above the first picture an click "View All"

    Thank you for taking the time to look, and enjoy. There is no copywriter, pass them on as you like.

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    great pics, Al! looking at all of those old motorcycles/ motorized bikes makes me really appreciate the craftsmanship and engineering of those that came before us. All of the current production kits are just cheap copies / imitations of technology built long ago. thanks again for the wonderful pics for those of us that may never get a chance to visit that wonderful museum.
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    verry nice thanks for shareing
  5. thank you al ilove seeing the old motorized bikes :tt1: