A two stroke street "bike"!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gh0stRider, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Gh0stRider

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    Saw one of these over the weekend and was chatting with the owner.


    It is a copy of a classic Vespa PX150 scooter. Complete with 4 speed manual transmission. They are made in the USA, and as far as I can tell, it is the only street legal two stroke available here in the USA.

    They cost about $3500, can go over 60 mph, and have cool retro styling.

    I want to save up and get one of these!

    I'll also be supporting a US based company, instead of buying an asian built cycle!

  2. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Oh nutz - a little digging reveals that they are made in India and imported by a Chicago, IL based company. Still very cool, and I still want one.
  3. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Member

    It sounds like the old Bajaj scooter from India. It was a good machine and really looks like the old two stroke Vespas.
  4. kerf

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    Link doesn't work, had to cut and paste. I will forgive you this time because you did good. Machine looks to be a reverse engineered Vespa from early 60's I would guess. Very cool, wanted one bad as a kid.
  5. Gh0stRider

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    I figured out what is wrong with the links.


    It seems that "newbies" like myself cannot post clickable links. Look what happened when you quoted me - the link now works!

    Must be some sort protection against spammers posting links to hijack your pc or something. I guess I should "contribute" more in the White Zone by posting every youtube video I click on, then when I become an MBC Master or whatever, my links will be clickable.

    Anyway, the company that makes the Stella in India also makes drop-in replacment engines for the Vespa P series scooters. I think the company was licensed to build them for Vespa a long time ago, and that's where they got the tooling from. Apparently, the copies are stamped from heavier gauge steel (to cope with the rougher roads) and they have oil injection and electric start. (along with the good old kick starter)