A used Schwinn getting new life.

Axl Myk

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Jul 11, 2020
I picked up a Schwinn cruiser in Nov, tore it down, and spent some spare time during the winter polishing the parts.
I started putting it back together a couple days ago after getting the wheels trued at a nearby bike shop.
Get this: The shop owner offered me a job because the white-walled tires were so clean. When I picked the wheels up he offered again.

The motor kit is a Ridgeyard. My second one. Nice kits.
I removed the head and piston, checked the ports, blew out the crankcase, and made sure the wrist pin retainers were sitting in their grooves. Put it back together and mounted it to the f4rame.
The rag joint was bad, so a new one comes tomorrow. In the meantime I'll get the fork on it, and start working on the brakes and cabl


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