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    Hi there,
    My name is Adam and I live in Massachusetts with my wife, son and soon to be new baby. We have lived all over the place, from Georgia to California to Hawaii. I have been a full time bicycle mechanic for the past 11 years and I love what I do. I have been involved with most aspects of cycling at one point or another and have enjoyed building and riding bmx, touring bikes, track bikes and downhill bikes. My true passion is single track with a good dose of retrogrouchery thrown in. I am currently working on a pretty ratty 26" muscle bike fusion of a Schwinn Jaguar and Columbia Tourist...and possibly soon to be motorized.
    Thanks for reading the words that I typed. I will try to be a productive contributor to this forum!


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    Welcome, Adam, to the MBc. It sounds like you have a jump on a pretty nice machine. I'm sure that it will be a pretty good looking, clean, build. Can't wait for pictures. Again, welcome to MBc, and happy riding.
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    welcome aboard

    I am happy to see another bike geek in the forum the next question is how many bikes do you own?(I will count the project bikes that you may have at venous levels of completion) right now I am down to six. Track bike, Raleigh three speed, Trek touring bike, bmx bike and my motor-bicycle. I don't count my Cyclocross bike yet because the frame tubes are still in the box But I think when I get my Tig up and running it will solve that problem.

    Mike Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes
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    And I thought "Frye" made boots! Go Figure!
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    Thanks guys!
    To answer the "how many bikes" question...as per various internet bicycle forums...n+1. But really, not counting my wife's bikes and my son's bikes, although I secretly feel like they're really mine. I am currently at 2 bmx, 2 29er, adventure tourer, track, recumbent,2 road, current Jaguar build, Lemon Krate, Varsity flatbar...a bunch of frames that I don't feel right about calling bikes. So, 12ish, but Some of them are certainly ready to move on. I probably need help.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have only one roadie bike, but 2 mountain bikes and a beach cruiser. I still ride them all in their respective events.