A very nice cargo bike

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    A pair of quick-release mounted pannier baskets under the large rear rack basket would be a good idea. In fact, making such as a readily removable, then lock together back-to-back mated pair, with a telescoping tube riser handle to use as a shopping trolley inside the stores would be very useful. One small caster wheel on each, at the outside rear corners, would be handy. Still, a pretty nice desi

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    That's nothing! How about these two bikes in Vietnam.

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    Yuba Mundo Cargo/Utility Bicycle

    I might be able to get a good deal on one of these.........

    Anyone every hear of a Yuba Mundo?

    The website has it where you buy one for $899.00 when you buy one it gives an identical one to someone in Africa. So you get 2 bikes, one for you and one for someone less fortunate.

    There is a bike shop that has been sitting on one for a while and I might shoot them an offer. They have been sitting on it for a while.

    I would think that rear rack could fit an engine then just run a jackshaft with 3 freewheels on it.

    Not sure just in the thinking and pondering stage.

    Here is the ride.

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    I've looked at that site before. It's a nice idea, and a sound design. If I were going to build such, however, I'd bring the forward end of the rack to the seat post, eliminate the diagonal brace risers behind the seat post, and put my engine in the space immediately behind the seat post. A v-belt or GEBE, or Staton drive - any could be fitted, I'd bet. Leave that big, stout rear rack clear for cargo hauling.
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    How about the new builders bike - Lance Portnoff?

    It looks good. Expensive to the average Joe like myself, but probably worth it.

    (This is his site if you dont know it) ---> www.designlogicbikes.com

    This is as close to "plug and play" that you can get.

    I do not have any affiliation with the above, I just think its cool, durable and a well thought out MB.

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    For $2,700 it better be the cat's meow!