A winter must have!!

Looks rather a challenge to mount an engine on that....definately rule-out friction drive.
Lots of options

I can think of a couple of options. A Cyclone, if they are somewhat water tight. Or Ghost and Pablo's jackshaft. It has a rear disc brake so with of of Andy's sprockets you could also do a HT in the normal fashion or a Straton rackmount.

It was pretty late when Simonator (hope I got his name right) IMed me with a link to a pic of this. My 1st thought it was some mad scientists one off creation. Then I found it was in production! I pull out my wallet then I remembered I was married and all major purchases have to be approved by committee. :(
no reactions?
no one can see this things potential as an MB?
I commuted in record snow last year, I'd love one.
maybe a pic will help.
keep in mind its not the frame its the tracks and ski only.


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I'm going to stick with studded tires. They work all winter on all surfaces from ice to packed snow to dry pavement. That ski and track would only work on packed snow.