A word of advice on Moped Gas tanks...

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  1. Jonj57

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    The stock fuel petcock and gascap fit PERFECTLY with the old top load gas tanks from the 70-80's style mopeds. I just fitted a 1976 malaguti 1.25 gallon tank to my Modena GT 2 and used the old 80cc stock tank's petcock and cap and it worked absolutely perfect and sealed up without a leak to be found.

    The perfect tank upgrade for a motorized bike. (will post some pics of the tank on the bike later)
    P.S. for those wondering secured this guy for $50 plus $9 for shipping and just a bit a surface rust on the inside and the original cap (I liked the stock one better though). The came out with one night of soaking in some white vinegar.
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  2. Arty

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    Nice tank!
  3. Jonj57

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    Thanks, I'm loving it so far! More than twice the range, easier to mount than the stock tank, and looks AMAZING on a modena GT 2
  4. Randall

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    Show it on your bike (post picture)
    Keeping the color scheme?
  5. Jonj57

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    Oh man I'm really digging that look.
  7. Jonj57

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    It started off being just a means of transport but slowly I've been building it into a Cafe racer/ street fighter hybrid.
  8. Randall

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    Definitely liking the cafe racer look.