AA/AAA Rapid Charger, plus

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    (Monster, 3 hour smart charger) for $2.59! At MCM Electronics.

    Some other items I ran across are, or could be applicable to motorized bikes. A T-Handle Metric allen wrench set, for instance. They also sell 12V LED replacement 'bulbs' (for various auto types.)

    I've bought stuff from these guys for several years & can recommend them. To get the sales prices, you normally have to enter sales flyer 'Source Codes' on the 'shopping cart' order page. To get the source codes, go to their sales flyers link, then navigate to the back cover. They're listed near the address space. You can enter multiple codes. I also just received an email flyer with a couple of LED replacement bulbs. LTK5 type is pn19209-0339, #685 type is pn 19209-97-91. (source code EMC088, expires 3/3)