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    hi just got back from a 40km ride adjusted brakes before leaving home , and on the way home i had nothing left i was using a v brake setup but was adjusting em everey day so i got a new pair of side pull brakes for $20 and it is perfect, but im sceptical of how long itll last so the question is are there any brake shoes out there that can handle pulling up from high speeds without wearing out too fast? please let me know :bowdown: cheers

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    the older style side pull brake i got today works nicely,cheers for the link im going to order some soon,i was amazed at how quick they wear out alloy wheels seem to pull up better than steel rims ive noticed. One day im getting a disk brake on the front not for a while though.
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    good pads

    I use V-brakes on my ride and I have Kool-Stop brake pads. they are specifically made for a v-brake type. these brakes really work and it makes little difference the conditions. The V-brake lever has a different cable pull so you will need a leaver that is only built for that brake.

    I would rather use a good V-brake than a cheep disk. The V-brake is what is referred to as "mature technology" it probably is not the best rim brake (I think Maguras are) but they are pretty close.

    I think that because your motorized you "burn" through brake pads faster then you do on standard bikes so its a good idea to check your pads before you hop on just to be sure. I am working on my third set in about thousand miles.

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    what are maguras ? any pics?
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    :tt1:had a look at them they look sweet:tt1: on my wishlist now. for the time being ill save up for em and buy some good pads for the current setup as it stops good for now
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    I swear by mine. Very easy to install and very intuitive to adjust. I have the H33 on my Motored bike, and the h11 on my hybrid cruiser/ mountain bike.
    H33 have adjustment dial on the lever, h11 have an adjustment allen screw. Te H11 have a four finger brake lever while the h33 has a two-finger. You can get the h11 for 50 bucks new. Low pressure system means you don't have to bleed often if at all. I highly recommend. Stops on a dime, and allows you to precisely set up pads on mm from wheel. Also changing the pads is ridiculously easy, they just pop off, no screws to mess with. Am running black pads but am told red and green are the best for stopping. Though I must say if they were any better than the blacks you will go flying over the handle bars. You can endo the bike with these brakes, though I have only lifted the back end off the pavement once and it was controlled. i would not do it again because the punishment it puts on the rear wheel alignment. Still, good to know you have that power to stop if needed.
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    coool ive heard that they can squash the rim if pulled hard enough is that true?
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    Not sure. I have them on steel rims on my motorbike and have yet to squish the rim even on doing a baby endo. On my mountain bike/cruiser hybrid I have some old school Araya box rims, I have actually been tossed on that bike while doing a single track and the rim was fine. That is alloy I believe. I could imagine some of the lighter rims out today could get squished, though I never ride the bleeding edge as if I want to shave pounds off my bike I could start with my stomach.
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    good point on the rims there.i use old steel rims and there very strong, though a bit heavy i feel safe on them so ill keep em on till there stuffed. on the brakes topic it was just something i heard a while ago. im very keen on getting a pair soon, ill have to talk the wife into letting me spend more money :bowdown:
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    When it comes to V brakes I've always liked the Avid Arch supreme and arch rival series.
    Good stopping power even with dirty, greasy or slightly bent rims.
    Of course these days my stuffs all disc so i no longer worry about grabbing a hand full of brake in the rain and nothing happening.