Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by turbo/chaos, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest


    god i swear this bike hates me but do to the fact it is a $53 bike from target
    i see why well thats it i am going to get me taht swchinn jaguar beach bike
    and cram that 65cc in it

    its brok in but i need something that is going to hold up to me driving
    25+mil a day and this every 3mil it is braking is old

    ok crank snaped in two (no pics sorry)
    went throw 4 rims now on the rear the front is stock
    but am a pro on puting the gear on in 25min or less now (yay)

    but what seemsw strang this stroke of bad luck started when the crash
    happend man i dont know but i do drive the dog snot out of the bike
    to hold up on my word this can do what i say but..................

    sigh this is just a bad week i hope but the new bike is comeing but am going
    to be out $125 for it but i have the radio intervu comeing up with candy 95

    on game day with 4 other people comeing out ther with me to promot the
    new cheap way to beat the gas price increase that is going on and hope some people buy i need money and sales have been down and need more buyers and word of mouth please wish me luck im just down and out

    thats all and a bit depresed right now later
    hey for some fun some one make a good mbc pic that is simple
    well why im going to cover up my scare on my leg and put a MBC tattoo
    on it to cover it up and mark the first time and ehy i got it

    if down send me a pm of what you have drawn up later (a bit simple not to artssy)

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest know i know you need to unload on a regular basis, i'm gonna encourage you to use the white zone for that from now on, m-kay?

    cheer up, all good...hope you like the zappa stuff. hard to believe the words are almost 30 years old :)
  3. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    ok got it ahhh ZAPA whatch out for the alien hahaha
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    your story got me thinking how cool "MBc-brand" band-aids would be, i know you'd order a box or two :lol::rolleyes:
  5. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    for the kick of it i would got a pice of art that you would like to submit augi
  6. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    you'd better wait for somebody else to come up with way i'd ever dare try to design a tattoo for someone else.
  7. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    hahahahaha well then should we try a post or like design something for this moron who crashed thing hahahaha
  8. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Best of luck with your interview Turbo, and good luck with your bike/s.
  9. good luck on the interview bro