aarow 10 HP motor

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by coyote888, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. coyote888

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    im really curious about this little engine. does anyone here run one? they are extremely expensive, about $1200 (you can buy a used dirt bike for that price around here)

    im curious if its worth it considering there are 10 hp motors out there for far less than 1.2k

    do you think you can build a happy time up to that kind of power for a fraction of that cost and achieve similar reliability to the aarow engine?

    theres just so little info on this engine out there. im not putting down aarow, i think they offer some of the best quality products out there and their entry level engines are really a great value. just curious =P

  2. desertsteve60

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    I've bought several items from Arrow and had nothing but good luck. That being said, if you read carefully there is a disclaimer that states that it is a racing motor and will require some advanced tuning/jetting skills. It is a case inducted/reed valved motor. So unless you have the means and skills to convert a HT to the same specs. you probably wouldn't be able to duplicate it.
  3. coyote888

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    it was just out of curiosity. if i wanted a 10+ hp motor i would got with a honda 4 stroke. ive actually been looking at 270cc with 13.5 ft/lbs at 2500 RPM for $550. it would bee an expensive, complicated build though considering i would want a bike that could handle the power and be able to stop it. plus all the custom fab that would be required.
  4. butre

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    look into a dax ktmc 49cc. it's around $500 and makes 9 horsepower. a properly done expansion chamber should squeeze a bit more out of it. they're a lot easier to mount than something like a honda ohv clone
  5. coyote888

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    i would buy legit honda. in not sure about the quality of the clones but i am willing to spend a little extra coin for honda reliability. all my honda engines have been bulletproof. i will check that engine out though!