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about electric motor



Hi, I found a 24volt electric motor from friend's garbage pile, and it turned out to be in good condition. I've been dreaming about building an electric bike for a years :)
However, I'm not sure does this motor do the trick, there's a metal plate on motor, saying that it's for 24V voltage and 8 amps of current. And that it will do 6000 rpm. I tried it with 12V car battery and it seemed that it has pretty good torque.




24V 8A = 192W

You want to put as much voltage as possible in this thing cause you really want each and every watt. 200Watts is what you put out when you peddle hard. You're not going to go fast. OTOH, it might be a fun project, and it'll definitely teach you something about mounting, gears, and electricity.