Clutch About the clutch removal tool...

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    How exactly do you use it? I feel stupid asking, but I'm not at all sure... can someone tell me in full detail, please?

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    That being said......

    First take the clutch cover off

    Second remove the set screw that keeps the star nut from turning, may need a little help with a tool such as a DULL screwdriver and a hammer. I use a old blunt screwdriver and a leather mallet.

    Thirdly, disengage the clutch and lock it disengaged with the pin on the clutch handle.

    Fourth, remove the star nut by turning counter clockwise.

    Finally take the tool, remove the threaded puller bolt and thread the tool into the center threads in the clutch, followed by reinserting the threaded bolt and while holding the tool with a wrench, tighten the threaded puller bolt.

    Should slide off easy, and keep in mind there is a key waiting to fall out.

    You might be interested in this....

    By the way, as you can see I didn't break the clutch apart...there are 50+ ball bearings in it.
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    Thank you so much for the help! My 80cc engine has alot of wear and tear on it, and I wanted to know what I could save from it. I have been riding it to and from school every day for two years, and has only failed me twice; once when I was first starting to put some miles on it, and last was recently when a peice of the wrist bearing broke off in the crank:(