about the millionth clutch problem thread...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by alexevanslong, May 18, 2009.

  1. alexevanslong

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    Alright, so ive been reading all the threads about clutch issues and they all seem to be having the exact opposite issue from me..

    I cannot get the clutch to get into gear, (I peddle, release the lever, and BAM!, nothing happens...)

    Has anyone had this problem? is it a simple fix? I sure hope so.

    The engine is a Starfire 66cc by the way...

  2. Pablo

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    Riddle me this:

    With engine off, pull the clutch hand lever and look at the clutch lever down on the engine. Does it move with the hand lever?

    If so then you'll need to take the clutch cover off and adjust the star nut. First Pull the handle lever - does the clutch plate move just a little bit? (it should)
    Remove the little screw and turn the star nut 1/2 turn in. Pull the handle lever - does the clutch plate move just a little bit less?
  3. Junster

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    I also saw a post in a different clutch thread about the engines clutch cable mount. This maybe be getting overlooked alot. He said his clutch was giving him fits and he unscrewed the cable mount a turn and everything was fixed. It seems the thing can screw in so far it jambs the clutch shaft under it.