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    After a long time and few medical setbacks, I finally bought a white skyhawk frame. anted black but no go so color scheme might have to change but for now I can at least start the build. they had some white 29" luya rims but wanted 26" so decided to not purchase those. Now I need to find some 26" non spoke rims, (preferably black)
    Any recommended sites to get rims? I also purchased some suspension forks and a center stand. The local place I bought from said they will be receiving a bunch of disk brake items tomorrow so I figured to wait and see. I want to build the pedal bike 1st and then decide on motor. (2 0r 4 stroke)
    Another question is I would like the pedal bike to have gears\speeds as well as the motor portion. I would assume this is possible and without breaking the bank, can you recommend a crank set up\multiple gear\speed set up and from who?
    I'm very new to the motorized bike community so excuse the lack of terminology.

    Looking forward to building this with the help of this site.

    Thanks in advance


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    Ok. Just ordered the black 26" Luya's from Gasbike. Back ordered but should be in by the 30th. No rush besides me just wanting everything now. actually surprised Im building slowly! :)