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    Hi guys I'm finally purchasing a 2 stroke for my bike and I have come down to this. The "JET 49cc" from Kingsmotors.com. Some reasons for getting this specific motor are 1. Its not an "H.T. engine it's a JET making it a better product as I'm told. 2. I'm buying a 49cc because it is suppose to provide lower levels of vibration and still be powerful enough to take me up hills and 25+mph on the flats unassisted and the 49s are supposed to have only one head gasket (unlike the 66cc). 3. The price is right, for 150 dollars (which includes shipping) I can have it delivered to my door.

    So with all of this said is this the right purchase and does anyone disagree with these facts listed above. The bike is going to be a commuter bike so I need it to have good speed and be reliable, something I think I have found here PLEASE COMENT ONE ANY MISTAKES I MIGHT BE ABOUT TO MAKE IF YOU SEE THEM AS I AM COMPLETELY NEW TO THIS AND THIS WILL BE MY FIRST BUILD!!!:sweatdrop:
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    Sorry to burst your bubble. I have been motorized for a year and a half. The in frame chain drives are not reliable in my opinion. They require constant checking and adjustment. If you need it to work all the time like i did you may be disapointed. I was scared to go any distance because things would happen and someone would be pedaling home.

    If you need reliability you need to step up the gunds your spending. I bought a bmp friction kit for 99 on sale and a show room monster engine for 85. They have treated me very well and 7 months later i am looking to upgrade the engine just to avoid mixing two stroke. If you dont need to ride when its wet this would be a option. If you need to ride when its bmp, staton, gebe and others offer chain or belt driven kits that seem more reliable than the china girl style kits. If you choose to go with the china girl i wish you luck and safety. My china girl ended up breaking three of my ribs.
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    If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would have chosen a STATON kit.

    Based on the forums experiences shared, it is a bulletproof setup, totally reliable, daily commuter setup.

    The 4 stroke robin subaru 1.6 hp 35cc friction drive kit is @370.00


    Save up, buy it right the FIRST time.

    Good Luck!

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