Above the Law?

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    I can relate to this. although i would never use this type of writing to express myself, but I understand. when i bought a new place in another county, i knew they were going to build a lake, & i knew they were going to take 1.84 acres on the back side of my place. i expected 1400-1800 per acre. i got 800 per acre. i waited till they served the condemation papers. then i had a round of words with the county attorney.about 6 months later, i got called to jury duty. I was & am currently caring for my 85 year old mother, & another aunt & uncle who are both around 80. so i just could'nt jump we they said. i read the code & followed it. instead of excusing me, the judge acted like he hated me for knowing what to do.he moved it, twice. so i wrote a letter in detail about my situation, i made it clear that , my next course of action was to file a complaint to the court of the judiciary. I recieved a letter from the Judge in about a week , stating that I had been purged from the list. i'm not proud of this behavior, but if the judge would have taken a second or two more, to let me explain, it could have been avoided all together.

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    Well, I'm not sure I'd have done it quite that way, but I think you made your point.

    Enjoy the future harrassment you will be receiving.
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    the attached affidavit is not mine, my letter was polite, & factual. if my county wants to harrass me, i can take it, all they can give, but i will allways stand up when i know i'm in the right. no brag, just fact.
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    You know your situation. They do not...and they see people make this kind of excuse every day. I don't blame them for making it hard to get out of jury duty. If they didn't every person with 1/2 a brain would get out of jury duty and the only people left on juries would be half-wits...some would say that is already the case. Sorry it was an inconvenience, but jury duty is important. Most people don't think it is until their liberty or their dispute is on the line.
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    i do understand, but it should'nt be done to anyone for spite. i have three close friends who are attorneys. they have allways helped me. my point is the judge has no right to treat people like cattle. all i ask him to do is follow the code, just as i have to, & to let people explain themselves i also understand that you have a different veiw, depending on where you are standing. but my family comes first. it was a hardship, & i proved it, he ignored it , & that was wrong. & by the way i have sat on a jury 3 times in the past, & given up a lot of money to do it. i served in the navy 6 years. so i don't feel that i owe anyone .