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    Im new to MBs and when i read some post I dont know what some abreiviations mean. such as NT, HT, speed carb ect. could some one help me out.

    I know this may not be the correct place to post and i know my spelling is not the greatest. LOL:dunce:

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    Well, I know HT means "Happy time" which is the pet name (not official name) of the 2stroke China kits that mount inside the frame. The carb you mentioned is an aftermarket item for that kit.
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    NT is also a carb, the stock one usually supplied with the 2-stroke kits. It's marked 'NTTC' on the body.
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    MB = Motorized Bicycle
    SPB = Sick Bike Parts
    GEBE = Golden Eagle Bike Engines
    Cager = a car or truck driver.
    Lean = too much air
    Rich = too much fuel
    (Also referred towards oil to gas ratio, which is wrong uses for the terminology. Causes confusion.)
    4-stroking = how a 2-stroke engine runs when the fuel/ air ratio is too rich. It skips every other power cycle.
    Manic = abbreviation for Manic Mechanic. He makes special parts for MB's, sold through Pirate Cycles.

    There are more, but I am having a mental block. I do get mental from time to time. :)
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    Dino - standard oil (as opposed to synthetic)
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    My very favorite abbreviation..... WOT
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    Roadie= Hardcore road biker (sound familiar?)