Chain Tensioner Absolutely cannot get chain tensioner to work.

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    Hey all. Back again. With more problems.

    So, the "Chain tensioner" that comes in the Grubee Star-Fire 50cc kit is either absolute trash, or I am doing it completely wrong.

    I've tightened the **** thing to near stripping the bolt heads, and EVERY single time I start the engine, or even peddling with the clutch bar pulled in, the fekking thing turns down and flips upside down through the spokes in my rear tire, locking it completely. I'm almost on my last straw with the **** thing.

    Anyone else having this problem? How did you fix it? Is there a different tensioner you recommend? Please help me, and thank you in advance. I just want to ride this ****ed thing, but every time I get on there's a new problem.

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    Pics help,but sounds like the diameter of the tensioner brackets that connect with the frame are still to large when tightened...either that or your Chainstay diameter is too small.Whatever spacer it up with rubber(possibly from an old innertube) or better still an aluminium sleeve around the chainstay & rubber.
    I wouldn't absolutely trust this fix though,it can't be relied upon under sustained pressure at high speed.
    If u have the resources possibly do this aswell:
    Their are also other threads on this forum for making your own tensioner with brackets....try Search. :grin5:

    PS....I havn't used the Grubee Star-Fire brackets but they all seem to be pretty standard.
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  3. cpuaid

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    if you have (4) medium flat washers laying around, bend them in a vise with some pliers to roughly the same shape as the curvature of the inner brackets. use 5 minute epoxy and bond (2) of them to the inside curvature of each front and rear tensioner mounting brackets. should be better than using rubber because they won't give.
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    Thanks, Fetor. I actually cut a piece of rubber off of the "White wall" of my old tire treads I destroyed the other night off, and used a slice on both sides of my bar where the chain tensioner is to try to keep it tighter, and I took it on a run; seems to be going very well. We'll see. Thank you, though.
  5. Rainsawck!

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    Thank you cpuaid, I do happen to have some washers lying around I can try that with. Going to have to wait til tomorrow to get some epoxy however, and I'll try it then.
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    You have a Schwinn Delmar, don't you?

    If so, you could do what I did; switch the chain tensioner to the bicycle chain side.

    You simply tighten the engine chain by pulling your axle back. And you mount the tensioner upside down on the bicycle chain. This is necessary because you need enough slack to adjust your engine chain properly and then you need to take up the bicycle chain slack so that your brake works.

    If you look up my photo gallery, you'll see how I did it.
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    ive been having the same problem. what i did that seems to work was putting rubber between the frame and the tensioner. Then tighten the tensioner, but bend it outward, that way when the chain puts pressure the rubber between the tensioner and the bike will act as a spring........

    it worked but now the chain maybe misalligned! the top is good, but wants to jump inward from the bottom........
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  9. Junster

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    It sure seems like there is alot of room for a aftermarket product here. I've got mine working but it is with out a doubt the weak link in my drivetrain. It needs to have a piece on the top that goes to the seat stay to stabilize it without drilling the frame. And at least for me it can't be totally ugly. (like the one that came with the kit) It even seems like it could incorporate a kickstand too. I'd buy one.
  10. Mountainman

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    there are some after market ones around -- search engine may help

    plus lawn mower shops
    Toro Supply

    are good for idler wheels

  11. Junster

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