Engine Trouble Accelerates on start up


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9:18 PM
Jan 5, 2020
Thanks for replies,
I can't do the brake cleaner check since I can't get it to sit still and don't feel like going evel knievel to test 😂
I've checked the carb and the choke moves freely inside the carb with the lever with decent friction, throttle also pulls spring in a few mm but I've noticed there isn't an O ring sitting between the inlet pipe and carb mounting point and it's just metal on metal sealed with a hose clamp ("speed" carb, came with cheapest kit on amazon £89) is this likely the issue ? Could I try to seal it with some electrical tape ? If not what is suggested.

Thanks in advance
Make a stand to hold your back wheel off the ground, two 2x4s nailed to some plywood will do it.