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  1. jaguar

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    In case you've tried and were denied access to their site, here is their explanation:

    We have been hit very hard by someone from the US hacking into our site and making it go down, & as a result our web host has turned of access to anyone outside of Australia until our new site is going live, which hopefully will be up and running towards the end of next week, the new site will be a lot easier to get around and find individual parts plus you will not need to register in order to purchase items, our current site is 10 years old and the provider does not offer any more security upgrades for our system, so a new one it is.

  2. Fabian

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    The new Rock Solid Engines site will be a lot better and more user friendly.

    Someone has been spending a serious amount of effort into hacking the old RSE site and causing difficult disruptions - maybe it might be a competitor that knows RSE has some ground breaking technology for the motorized bicycle market.
  3. jeffuehrer

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    When we went there it said the U.S. was blacklisted.
  4. jaguar

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    same here. I'm in Colombia right now. obviously they are still in a state of transition trying to fix their site.
    If you want a Rock Solid reed valve you can get one from JNMotors.