Accident Rates for Motored Bikes

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  1. VTBikeman

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    Does anyone have any statistics regarding accidents with motored bikes?

    Has anyone been in a crash (and lived to tell about it) and be willing to post info about it?

    My argument for leaner regs for our Motored bikes is that we are, on the whole, no more dangerous than a regular bicyclist. Any one can hit 35 mph+ on the hills around here in VT. So what makes our bikes more dangerous?

    It seems they may be less dangerous since we have half a chance of getting out of the way of ourselves.

    Replies welcome.

  2. BoltsMissing

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    Rider/ Driver inmaturity,negligence, lack of common sense and inexpirience "reading" the traffic.
    It don't matter if you have a Ferrari or motorised skate board.
  3. VTBikeman

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    What % of MB riders fall into that category in your opinion?
    Or if you have numbers all the better.
    Do good bicycle riders make good MB riders?
  4. BoltsMissing

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    according to one wholesale suppiler's numbers, 3000 HT are produced each year and he claims to 85 % of that 3000.
    To date, "officialy" reported that I know of, 1 major crash resulting in serious injury, and negligence is supsected as the cause.
    I am no math guru, so whatever it equates to I guess it's a rough estimate.
    2550 = 85% ??
    2550 bikes with engines, 1 major accident.
  5. VTBikeman

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    Thanks. Not so bad.
    Any official stats?
  6. Happy Valley

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    Hey VTbikeman

    My guess would be anecdotal evidence on MBs is the best you'll find right now. There are simply far too few operating and many of those well beneath the radar; most of the building being fairly homespun. This may change if more builders try to go commercial and sell units but right now there are many questions left untended in regard to state-by-state legal definitions regarding MBs and how they fit into the two-wheel family of mopeds, scooters and motor cycles.

    When official stats begin to be generated, the catalyst will probably be legislative. We will have caught their attention. In my mind the question remains if homemade MBs will be regulated or banned altogether.

    I was just reading this pinned thread above by Lou, it's on bicycle safety but contains what seems to contain some official data from law enforcement. Have you perused the pdf file?