Accidentally got 2015 top end?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by nashy10, Aug 24, 2015.

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    Hey everyone. So i blew my jug for the second time, cant believe the bottom end is still in tact over 2/3-ish years. I ordered a top end rebuild kit from specified as the GT5A kit, note i have a GT5. upon inspection and comparison of the recieved kit vs what i bought 2 ish years ago, and I may be a baffling idiot, but I think i have been sent an updated model. The differences I noted were the exhaust shape is actually a circle now, which is what a proper 2 stroke should have, note it also looks a lot larger. The intake seemed to be made from a more durable material, and the intake manifold is actually port matched! the transfer ports seem to be at different heights, and as you can see the exhaust port is a lot closer to the transfers. I did also notice on the cylinder head there was an additional bar welded on that was not present on my old head, guessing its for durability. Really excited to rebuild this!!! Hope this is not actually just normal and i sound like an moron posting this :rolleyes7:
    IMG_20150824_123916.jpg IMG_20150824_124017.jpg IMG_20150824_124253.jpg IMG_20150824_124306.jpg IMG_20150824_124532.jpg

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    never seen a circular exhaust, but the casting sure looks nice. I'm curious to hear how it goes if the port specs are different
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    Did the rebuild today, runs very very smoothly! Did take a short video of it running, will upload later. Noticing a lot more noise from the intake, wonder if it has to do with the port timing? Also noticed my exhaust seems louder than the previous jugs... And no, it isn't leaking.. It sounds like a proper 2 stroke now! The more durable intake manifold seems to transfer a bit more heat :/ oh well. Could be jetting/float. Will find out after break in. I compared it to the previous jugs ports and the intake seemed a bit bigger on the new one, as well as the exhaust of course, assuming this is why there is added Intake noise because it is breathing better.
  4. Cylon

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    I just looked on the site where did you find this jug Id like to buy one could you please post the link also do you know if they sell these in the USA?
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor is one of the first US recipients of the 2015 genuine EPA GT5 engines and parts from the Yuan Dong engine factory.

    They make good stuff there.
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    Just another quick question about this jug do you need to replace the piston when I order this or can I just put this on with the old piston considering it only has about 400 miles on still looks good. Also do you need to buy new studs with these kits or do they come with them? Mine are rough.
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    pistons can be reused if undamaged, but be sure to clean the ring lands (a broken ring is useful for scraping the lands clean) - if threads are good on studs, they are also reusable