Accurate Max-min Grubee Tray Dimensions

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Irish John, Oct 4, 2008.

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    In case it will help people I've measure the maximum & minimum tray dimensions for a Grubee engine mounting tray and also the fixed length Hoot tray. They certainly help me when I'm choosing bikes and I now think the Felt heritage could take a Grubee\Honda or HS.
    Note that the minimum Grubbe dimension is not possible because the sliding blocks would hit the engine mounting bolts so I have allowed for that by allowing clearance for the bolt heads. Not all Grubee trays are exactly the same and although about 50% will allow you to put a locnut on the ends of the side fixing bolts another 50% have the threaded holes so carelessly drilled in the sides of the aluminium sliders that they are too close to the roof to allow a nut to fit. It is also well nigh impossible to file out the aluminium roof to allow for a nut because of access problems. It would be easier to drill and tap another hole in a different position but that too presents problems. I don't trust steel bolts in aluminium threads (too much like the HT) and I really like knowing there's a nut on the end of those bolts.
    Here are the accurate dims:

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