Achieving Maximum Speeds

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Mar 3, 2008
Another question I have is this: Has anyone ever done away with the pedals and placed the sprocket that normally attaches to the back wheel side by side with the sprocket that you normally turn with the pedals?

I'm thinking that if you shift the bikes normal gears into a large tooth rear sprocket, you would be able to start from a stopped position, and as the bike moves along, you could shift into higher speeds to allow the bike to go at much higher speeds.

Of course there would be the problem of starting the engine in the first place... but I'm sure that could be worked out.

Also, if this idea is possible, can a standard 5 speed cruiser styled bike handle doing speeds over 35mph which is what the manufacturer of the engine I'm looking at says the top speed is? By this, I mean the build of the frame... also, how hard on the rider would it be to handle? If the bike could achieve faster speeds, would it be advisable to go with some type of shock on the front end?

I'm completely new to this whole engine on a bike idea, and am just curious.



best check out how we run things...repeat topics and frivolous posting is not welcome in the "garage"..."search before posting"...we are all in this together and mutually responsible for forum-organization and neatness.

i'm not saying the particular post is frivolous, but it makes it clear you have some reading to do, a lot of members are working with gearing, find an active topic and jump on in...after you "intro" that is.
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