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    So I am new here and do not know much about engines. Last year my friend and I bicycled unassisted across the country north to south; this summer we plan on going East to West. I will be going to college next year and may run track and I don't want to hurt my legs so I think I will put a motor on my bike.

    So my question is which motor? From what I have garnered from a few threads, the Huasheng 4-stroke 50cc or the DAX 50cc Titan would be alright for such a long trip. Thoughts?

    Also, if anyone has any advice on maintenance or can direct me to a website that gives me good info on motors, that would be helpful. I plan on studying them up this spring so I am not hopeless out there.

  2. BchCruizer

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    I personally would get a friction drive for such a long trip..there just more reliable than chain drive..there just to much to go wrong with chain drives. I think a kit with a tanaka engine would be a good choice..the tanaka engines have chromeplated cylinder walls and are capable off 11,000 rpms. i run mine around 8,000 rpms and it works great for me. i also ride a bumblebee but if your going across country your probally gonna be hitting some hills and are gonna need a more powerful engine than the bee's 26cc. its a good assist for hills but its not as powerful as the tanaka 40cc engine..Dax uses the tanaka engines i would check that out. the bumblebee is def has less maintenance though no clutch its direct drive. you might be better off with friction also because of different state's laws on bikes..i know that friction is motor assisted not motorized so you wont need tags. good luck and hope you find the kit best suited for your needs!
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    I like engines that start with the letter H and I'd give the nod to Honda first because of the 3 year extended warranty.
    Friction drives have their merits but IMO they're best suited for local use and NOT extended touring. The issues with slipping on wet pavement are well known but another drawback is heat, IE: touring distances on hot summer pavement generates excessive heat that transfers to the engine crank and bearings and to the tire. This is from experience not conjecture.
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    i dont see how a chain drive would be a problem, if it was as big of problem as you say we would be seeing production friction driver motorcycles instead of chain driven. chain driven is tested and proven, lube your chain once and a while, check its stretch every now and again and you will be fine. i use my chain driven bike to commute to and from work every day in the summer, 25 miles round trip, every day, 6 days of the week most of the time. not one chain related issue.
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    ether the huasang or the dax titon would be a good motor to use, just make sure you have a good transmission, like a 4g with a good bushing and a welded oneway bearing, or a EZM.
  6. BchCruizer

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    My kits roller goes over wet pavement no if its a huge water puddle it makes it slip..but i ride on moist roads all the time and it holds it own. ya i agree about the heat issue. My kit has no clutch to heat up so it runs alot cooler and it has a aluminum sleeve over the shaft to absorb heat and keep it cooler..i dont really like honda there 4strokes engines they dont do good going down hills. i have blown up a getting a tanaka engine in a few gonna try it out..