Action alert! TLE clone engines for $99 at Harbor Freight

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  1. arceeguy

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    I just got a flyer from Harbor Freight today, and they have their 52cc 1" water pump on sale for 99 bucks. Item number 66585 regularly $129.99

    Take the engine for your MB project, sell the pump and frame for parts on craigslist!

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    Scotty,beam me over. :grin5:
  3. arceeguy

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    I'm waiting for when they start using HuaSheng 4 strokes for these utility pumps.
  4. fetor56

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    Great if it ever happened...would cost more than the 2-stroke but with HF(particularly on Special) certanly cheaper than other places....sell the pump/sell the auger bit.
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  6. jimraysr

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    Hf Engine

    The OHV is a sure sign that it is a 4 stroke. Remember that its top speed is 3600 RPM, so gearing will be much smaller.


  7. arceeguy

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    I've got one of the 2.5's - and the footprint is quite a bit larger than the Honda 49cc engines.

    You can easily bypass the governor and get around 5000 RPM out of them without any trouble. (we mod the larger 196cc 6.5's for go karts)
  8. Porkchop

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    I bought that engine a few months ago with a 20% off coupon. Out the door for less than $85.00. Word of caution, they do not have a clutch on them.
    Depending on what mounting kit you're using, it may need some minor modification. That engine is about 99.99% exact duplicate of the engine on HF's gasoline powered auger. Centrifugal clutches from HF are $2.47. Their shipping cost is very low, but it usually take about 6-8 weeks for delivery. Parts come from China if not already here in the USA in a warehouse. I have the auger engine mounted with a BMP friction drive. I like that engine much better than my Honda GX35 on the same bike. No comparison power wise.
  9. Porkchop

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    Here's a link to a thread I posted April 2009 about the water pump engine from Harbor Freight. I did not read it just now, and I don't remember how far in depth I went on this. If you're interested in the water pump engine, it might be worth your while to see what my observation was on it. I do remember and know it can be modified to work with BMP's friction drive kit for around $10.00 with the purchase of nothing more than a clutch assembly along with the bolts and washers that hold on the clutch, and 4 bolts and spacers to attach the engine to the channel. The problem with the bolts that came with the BMP kit is they're to long and will go into the flywheel. BMP specifies on their site the the HF auger engine will readily work on their kit. That is a true statement. It is a 100% ready to go bolt on with no mods. But like I said in a previous reply, the water pump is not a 100% duplicate of the auger engine.
    Hope this helps. If you want more info, let me know !

    ..... PC .....
  10. Porkchop

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    Harbor Freight Discount Coupons

    Check out the link below. HF has an on going 20% off coupon that expires 8-31-09. Check this site often. They hardly go for more than 2 weeks at a time without posting a 20% off coupon. MY local store always honors these. I've seen bunches of posts where other people say their stores won't honor them. I was in my local store last week and told the cashier I had a 20% off coupon. He told me not to worry about it. He scanned something he had and I got 20% off my whole purchase, not just one item as stated on the coupon. Good luck.
  11. loquin

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    The two-stroke pump is on sale again for $99; the 4-stroke for either $129 or $139. edit - it's 139.

    The motor alone is $109 regular price.
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  12. fritzalee

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    HF Pump engine clutch

    Did you ever get the clutch assy you ordered from Harbor
    Freight for their pump engine TLE clone, and was it a complete assy?
  13. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Yes. I've had them for a while now. They come assembled. Two shoes and a single spring holding them together. But if you're going to buy one and use it on an HF engine, don't forget to by the mounting bolts and washeres. There are 4 washere total. Two each of two different kinds.
  14. DougC

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    Warning: this engine may have a fixed-speed carburetor, which is NOT the same thing as a manual-throttle carb.

    Back story.........

    I bought a new mower a couple months back and decided that I wanted to put a manual-control throttle on the old one so that I didn't have to run it at full-RPMs all the time. When I asked about adding a manual throttle linkage at the local old-time hardware store, the guys there said that I'd need to get a full-range carb (assuming one was even available that would fit) because the single-speed carbs on most mowers now will not control the engine over its entire possible speed range.

    They did not have the info to find out what manual carb would fit, and suggested I go to a dealer for that engine line--which is a Techumseh, so I gave up that route. The mower is ~9 years old and only cost $140 new so I felt it was not worth buying a new carb for.

    I went home and just for fun, tried disconnecting the automatic throttle linkage and putting a "manual" throttle on (a pair of small vise-grips on the butterfly control arm) and sure enough what they said was true. Even under no load and the butterfly held open the engine would only turn slightly faster than it's "target" RPMs, and closing the butterfly all the way still left the engine running at around 50% of its target speed.

    If you are shopping for a utility engine for motor-bike use, then you want one that has a "manual" or "full-range" throttle, elsewise you will need to get the right carb. If you look around at anyplace that sells small engines online you can see this: horizontal-shaft go-kart and minibike engines always have manual throttle carbs, but almost all vertical shaft <7hp engines now only come with automatic throttles.

    ...And the Harbor Freight pump engine specifies 6500 RPMs in the specs, which would lead me to believe it's got a single-speed carb.
  15. Porkchop

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    From my first hand experience, the 2 cycle engines from Harbor Freight augers and water pumps HAVE full range throttles and will most definitely wotk in friction drive mounts with no problem. HEADS UP !!! The engine off the water pump has no clutch. However you can order them through Harbor Freight for less than $3.00 ea. Shipping is cheap but slow. I ordered 2 clutches along with bolts and washers delivered for around $10.00.
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  16. Nuttsy

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    Does anyone have the PDF manual they can upload/link to? The HF website doesn't list that pump anymore, yet it's on sale in their flyer and on the shelf in the store. I was at HF to look at engines and I'm interested in this one. Will probably pull the trigger on it this weekend.
    I'm looking to replace a Subaru eho35. Does this one produce any more power? I'm thinking the Subaru and GX35 are equivalent motors @ 1.6HP??? Any idea on how many RPM the HF will Rev. to? Oh, and will the throttle cable be a pain to hook up?
  17. jimraysr

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    Engine Manual

    I found the manual listed on the retail store site under the item number 66585. 685K download. Retail is Harbor Freight USA and mail order doesn't have the USA and they list the item as discontinued.

  18. TREEWK

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    I Fell Into A Good Deal, It Gets Shipped Tomorrow. The Only Problem, As Many Of You Know, The Good Deals Can Keep You Broke!! Lol. Ron

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  19. Nuttsy

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    Thanks for the hookup Jim. That 'splains why I had a problem.

  20. Nuttsy

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    You need to stop buying and start building and selling more. haha I'll betcha you have at least 2 engines for every bike in you inventory. Imagine the possibilities.