Active 50cc motors

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    I have a spare Active 50cc motor made i think in Italy & raided from a disused puzey 2x powerboard? Any way i'm wondering whether or not it'd be possible should i find that the chinese rear friction engine i've fitted not upto standard replacing the chinese motor for the Italian model? If we were talking chick's then Italians would be my n°1 over chinese types any day, lol. I assume the friction driver unit would fit snug into the active's clutch assembly? Any thought's on this experiment?


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    I'd take the Chinese female anyday. My wife is 61, still looks like a million.:jester:

    For engines, give me Italian or Japanese then, unless you want a sweet, powerful GP460 for a short life.

    Log onto Active engines used there, but replacement parts are rare and expensive!
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    Although off-topic 5-7HEAVEN, i've got to agree with you: oriental women hold their shape, terrifically well.

    One lady i worked with had 6 children, in her younger years and was 57 years of age when i started at this particular company.
    Swear to god, she had a body like a 20 year old and didn't look a day over 30.

    I'm seriously considering the idea of reevaluating my options for the future.