Actual Fuel Mileage

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  1. jmccrury

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    I've done some searching, but can't find any real answers for this.

    What's the actual fuel mileage like for the Chinese HT motors?

    The websites say the so called "80cc" motors get 100-150 MPG and the 49cc motors get 200-250 MPG. Is this a realistic expectation? What is the actual fuel mileage for these?

  2. sparky

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    Too many variables. How much you weigh, no. of sprocket teeth, tire size, how much you pedal, altitude, wind, hills, etc...

    Just hope your gas tank doesn't leak. But it will. Sorry!
  3. iron_monkey

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    Heavily depends on riding style.

    Expect around 80-100mpg start stop urban in my experience. Rider weight wouldnt affect this much as heavy riders would have to pedal more to compensate while lighter riders dont need to.

    Expect considerably better for mainly non-stop cruising (probably much better with a smaller sprocket).
  4. datz510

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    My bike is an "80" running 44T sprocket and I weigh 210. Mine gets a measured 140mpg.
  5. japennell

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    When I had my 44t sprocket, I was slightly over 200mpg on a ThatsDax 49CC.

    I recently switch to a 36t and Now I'm guessing I'm down to 100 - 125 mpg. I have a few steep hills along my route to and from work. I think that is what is accounting for the drop.
  6. Accender

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    gebe 35CC four stroke with the standard gear gets a measured 170 mpg. I'm 165#
    and my commute is flat.

    Still waiting for my manifold to come from japan tho. It's been four weeks :(

  7. alex

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    I have a king's 80, and a leaky intake gasket and exhaust gasket. And I get around 50-60 mpg :( But I am always accelerating pretty hard, (I love when you accelerate and you have that 4-5 seconds where the bike hardly vibrates at all). I weigh 150 lbs and there are no hills where I live.
  8. mcassMB6

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    I've been getting "WAY BETTER THAN A CAR"/mpg. That's all you need to care about. If you are sweating a few mpg's you will stress yourself out about owning one of these.
  9. lennyharp

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    I get a mile per oz or 128 mpg. My 24 oz tank runs about 24 measured miles. I don't care about it too much as I can afford that. Actually I went over 1000 miles this week on my first build of a motored bike that cost me almost 1000 dollars to build. So with the cost of gas I am at a dollar per mile and can't wait to get to 2000 miles so I can figure 50 cents per mile. After that it's pure profit, right? Sorry I put my Subaru EHO35 in the HT mileage thread.
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  10. Simonator

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    My 70cc happy time gets about 130-140 mpg. i Weigh 275 lbs. It's on a 26" moondog, with 44T sprocket
  11. GTscoob

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    Any way to fix that? JB weld the seals, coat the inside of the tank?

    How's that move? I weigh a little less than you do and am looking at the same motor
  12. Simonator

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    Pretty good. It climbs most hills around here. I only have to pedal assist up the real steep hills. IT tops out at about 30 mph.
  13. JemmaUK

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    On the GEBE 32cc before the pipe I get about 24 or so to the tank on the bike - which equals out at about 30 miles to the litre. To a gallon thats 136.2 miles approximately although on long runs it would be more

    With the pipe fitted its like a completely new machine - I'm having to learn to ride it all over again (hence the busted spoke). So far as fuel consumptiom goes its looking about the same from just looking at the tank etc. I am thinking it will be better since I can maintain speeds of 28mph or so on 1/4 throttle when I would have had to be somewhere around 3/4 before.. and I dont plan on riding any faster than I did before.

    Jemma xx
  14. crazeehorse

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    i get apx 100 mpg, & thats pulling 30 lbs. one way, & 90 to 110 lbs. on the return trip with the trailer . i also have some fairly steep grade hills to climb on the way back( i do have to pedal help on the way back on 3 steep hills) my bike weights 80 lbs, trailer 30 lbs. & i my weight is 175 lbs. + 60 to 100 lbs of supplies from town. so i would guess 150 mpg with just a bike could be real.i compare mine to my chevy 2500 4X4. ten times better, to do the same job, it ain't bad at all.