Actually took it on the road this time :)

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    the bike has been built and ready to go for about a month and a half now but so far i have only been up and down my driveway, simply because iam kinda afraid of taking it on the road. Number of reasons: cops. traffic, stupid people etc. Neways the weather was good today (rare occasion here in canada) and i cant for the life of me find my motorcycle keys and my extra pair is with my friend who left it in her car while it was getting worked on and the shop is closed today so taking my cbr for a ride was a no go. i only took it out for a lil while and actually i didnt even go on the road...:whistling: i live in the country and there is a gravel road right next to a main road that runs all the way along the actual road. I took it on this gravel road and put on about 10-15kms on it, i tried not to keep it at a specific speed and even opened it up a few times being careful not to go over 30km/h. after that i did some offroading on really bumpy grassy **** which was ALOT of fun, really shook me up. Iam a little bit impressed, it kinda seems like the big design flaw with these bikes is the lack of gearing system. I would imagine the engine siezing in most cases because its revved too high because of gearing. Perhaps next year i might add the jack shaft kit to it. I cant believe u need to break the ******* thing in for 500km, i have a feeling the engine might not even last that long.

    It was kinda funny goin on the road with my fullface helm, motorcycle gloves and a racing textile jacket on (i was gonna put the pants and boots on too but decided against it.) I just wasnt sure what to expect and wanted to be ready in case something got stuck and i fell, I guess i'd rather look like a tool than have road rash.
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    Very cool Zam. I am guessing you have a 2 stroke? Amazes me they work so well. My very first ride lasted from one side of the yard out to the other, on the street. (Tensioner in the spokes, lol, great breaks)

    I couldn't agree with you more. Better off lookin' like a tool then getting beat up or possibly worse.

    Safety gear has the added bonus of letting folks in cars know your on some thing more then just a bicycle. They assume your going much slower with out that subtle cue.

    With this uber silly looking helmet on, I find cars pull out in front of me far less.

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    uber silly? i think that helm looks awsome very cafe racerish. and yea i have an ht, workin surprisingly well. Think i will take it out again tom if i get the chance :) i do miss my motorcycle alot more tho :(
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    was 19 bucks! (30 for shipping, so $50 total) I really love it. Is just Styrofoam covered in leather but I face planted a while back and it really held up well! (No kidding, front fender let go. Front of bike stopped dead. Me and the rest of the bike kept going until we met the road, lol) The goggles are awesome and it has winter neck thing that zips in or out.

    Not hard to bypass the key on a MC. Cheaper then having a new key made for it. Not advice, just a thought
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    i got a key, its just in my friends car which happens to be in a shop that is closed on the weekends. I lost my actual keys and the spare set is with her, it sucks tho i will prob get another key made. I dont know of any decent lock smiths here and the dealership wants $50 pretty much half of what a ht costs. Things i do for the pleasure of riding.
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    $50 is not bad Zaman! Be 100 down my way. I am cheap though and would wait until Monday. LOL, not advice, just chatting
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    i would but the forks are locked too, cant unlock them without the keys. Iam gonna try and find a locksmith that can do my keys instead of going to the dealership. Plus this is my first motorcycle dun wanna screw with it too much. Btw how would i go about hotwiring it? maybe next time i have it in storage i will leave the forks unlocked, it sits in a locked garage neways.