Carby adapting a walbro hda 48 to a ht china motor?

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    I'm pretty familiar with the hda carb and I just got a slightly used ht engine idk what cc. I removed the intake manifold and first thing I saw was that the port is way to small on the intake! Like half of the size , so I was thinking that a manifold from a chung yang 460 " has a manifold pulse line " motor would match the head better in size. And the hda carb is tunable, I would need to add a barbed fitting to attach to the carb for the pulse but it is a high flow carb of a 60cc zenoah so it should run good on these lil motors. I'm going to acuire the rest of the parts I need for my first happy time bike then ill try out my carb mod idea.

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    Rock Solid Engines has an optional Walbro kit for Happy Time/China Girl engines.
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    Got a link?
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    pulse feed was the easy part. fitting throttle cables air filters and so forth was slightly more challenging.

    but when you find the right one, usually either a slider (old school these days) or the fancy half plastic rotating barrel ones (on a lot of small engines now), they work brilliantly. problem is they are all usually 10mm or smaller. you need a 14 or 16 for HT (though it really only makes the difference on top end).

    i found the butterfly types next to impossible to setup properly without doing major modifications to things... once again, throttle cable, airfilter, and choke... so i gave up and went back to the stock NT
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