Adapting HT Wheel Sprocket To Disc Brake Hub??

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Cyclelogic83, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Has anybody ever adapted a HT style chainwheel to fit on a disc brake hub where the disc rotor attaches, securing it to the 5 or 6 bolts on the hub instead of using the stock rubber/plates, bolts through spokes method??? If so, has it stood the test of time\strength\ rigorous daily riding??? To me it just seems like a really good idea, like it belongs there!!!
    The reason I ask is because today I have aquired a 30cc Kawasaki engine equiped with Walbro carby that used to be on a whippersnipper. (weedwacker)
    I'm thinking about rack-mounting above the front wheel, with original centrifugal style clutch, chain driving a sprocket mounted on the disc-rotor hub.
    I have a 9 and an 11 tooth cogs to attach to the motor and a 44t for the wheel.
    Will that be high (or is it low) enough for the little 30cc to get me moving???
    If it gets way to complex for me and my means I can always just friction drive it!!!
    Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Chris......

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    hubs and stuff

    when I first got in to this hobby a couple of years ago I started by building a six bolt rear hub and modifying it so I could put my 44 tooth rear cog. Turns out I didn't do too good a job but I found a company that did pretty good. The company was called Kings motors they build s adapter for a six bolt hub.

    they also make cogs that work with the adapter and I kind of like what I have, its not perfect but it does the job. The main problem I had was the bolts that hold the disk rotor on were not standard, so I replaced them with new ones from the hardware store. and they promptly rattled loose and damaged my hub.

    Next try I put blue Loctite on the bolts and then let them sit over night. Then it ran like a champ. I swapped out my 44 for a 36. My top speed increased significantly in my vibration went down.

    If I could start from scratch I don't think I would even use this system. I kind of like the sick bike parts converter. Even with the higher end gear it would be nice to have more than just a single gear.