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    It has come to my attention a number of times that members look for a replacement High voltage spark plug lead. I will soon offer two options. Patrs are on order, and should be here in a few days. These are to be used on spark plugs with the cap, NOT over the threads.

    Rajah Clips
    This is without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) spark plug wire to spark plug connectors. Standard lead length is 6”.
    Custom wire length available. (add $0.70 per each additional 6”)
    Wire (7mm Hypalon Copper Core Wire ) and Rajah connector $10.00 each.


    Standard 6” (Hypalon Copper Core Wire) with rubber boot and spring connector, $8.00, plus $0.70 additional per 6”.


    FREE shipping in the 50 and Canada. Will ship worldwide, Postage..actual cost rounded up to the next dollar. I combine shipping with other items.
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