Added My GPS To Trike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fulltimer, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Fulltimer

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    Now I have maps and the auto type speedometer! No, the speeds listed are not from the bike! Plus it is back lighted for night time use.


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  2. mlcorson

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    Sweet! I like the screen layout. How is the image in sunlight? What model is this?
  3. Fulltimer

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    Its a Lowrance XOG. I made a sun screen to go over both sides and the top so unless the sun is over my shoulder it works great. The sun screen is made out of the rubber type gasket material. Easy to cut and I had a bunch. I used Gorilla Glue to attach it. I added a 12v power port to plug it into. The XOG will keep track of speed, altitude, distance and time. Now all I have to do is get another 12v adapter and another mount for the Jeep so I can switch it back and forth.


    PS: the sun was hitting it directly during the picture.