Adding a disc to a standard wheel?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by schwinn123, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. schwinn123

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    Does anybody have any tricks to adding a disc brake to a non disc brake hub on a front wheel?. Im obviously trying to simply do this without swapping out a hub or anything like that. Otherwise what is the cheapest disc brake 26" wheel you guys have found?

  2. butre

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    they make disc adapters that thread onto the fixie side of a flip flop hub, but I don't know of anything for the front that doesn't involve relacing the rim. I remember back in the '90s there was a company that made adapters that bolted into the spoke holes, and then you relaced that side of the rim to the adapter. that's about the best you can do other than buying a new hub.

    just go to your local bike shop with the rim and tell them you want a disc brake hub in it, they'll be happy to accommodate you for the price of the hub + about $30 depending on the shop.

    More importantly, does your front fork have disc brake mounting tabs? if not, you'll need to replace the fork with one that does, and that will run at least $80
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    Sounds interesting. Yes my forks are disc ready, i guess i will just go with a new front wheel with a disc hub, seems to be the least amount of trouble. The wheel i was trying to add a disc to wasn't worth much anyway so its not much of a loss. Thanks Butre.
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    I was going to try something similar to what you want to do but I've decided to go with a drum break because drum breaks require very little parts swapping/modding and I'm trying to keep what I can original on my bike but breaking power is needed in the front most of all. I think I'll need shorter spokes but I hope my local bike shop can install it with shorter black spokes if they are needed to match up with the rear wheel. If your fork is disk break ready then your lucky but mine ain't sadly.

    Disk breaks are great but if you got a bike like my cruiser then there's allot of modding that would be needed to get a disk break to fit. I found out a good drum break can stop a motorized bike just as well as a disk break. I found a strumey archer drum break hub that goes for around $65 to $75 and requires very little modding to install. They seem to be a preferred brand for drum breaks and stop just as well as most common disk breaks. So I was going to chance on one for a front break for my cruiser.
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