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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by markham26, Dec 10, 2011.

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    :detective:Just wondering if anyone has any idea's about adding more mounting brackets to secure the motor a little more, i have a 66cc frame mounted motor on a southern start mountain bike. any idea's are greatly appreciated

    cheers markham26

  2. Beefy mounts.........

    Hi Markham26.
    I have seen solid engine mounts welded to there frame (steel frame) which is something I would like to do, or add a steel strap from the head bolts to the top frame tube.
    The stock mounts do seem a bit flimsy dont they!!
    But mine have held up to the abuse so far, I've used the same mounts on 4 differant engines and 3 frames in the last 12 months or so and I have never had a engine mount related issue to date (touch wood!!!):helmet:
    Oh, and there is whats called a 'torque arm' or something like?? that is bolted to the engine using the chain guard bolt and then attached to the seat post tube, its to stop the engine twisting under power.........
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    Thanks for your input :)
    i will invest in one of those just for the extra safety:idea:
    the engine mounts that come with the motor are secure on my bike but i just don't wanna take my chances, oh by the way do you know where i could purchase one of these talk arms?
    kind regards markham26
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    When I first built a MB, I had some torque problems. As I only torque 6mm nuts on studs to 50-60 INCH pounds, some twisting due to torque and pull on the chain did occur, and that might be a issue with you. The best way I have found (and the least expensive) is to mount a bracket like in this picture.
    Another thing.... make sure both front and rear mounts are flush with the tubes. This will ensure a good engine mount and will eliminate undo stress on the mounting studs.

    I didn't at the time have any stock at home so I added a nut close to the clutch case so as to extend the 90 deg bracket to the seat down tube.
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    Great idea

    Great idea Al

    I will look into that also:detective:, did you make this bracket or buy it if so where from ?
    Thanks for your input

    Regard markham26 :)
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    Made was easy. Sent you a PM.
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    Thank You :)