Adding gears to a single speed


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Oct 21, 2008
Central Texas
Ok, I have been wanting to add some gearing to my bike so Ive been doing a little research. In order to do this i have come up with a couple of things...

1. buy a derailleur
2. buy a cassette with freewheel
3. buy some rear v brakes
4. buy handlebar adjustments

now if i get these, do i have everything to make my bike a 6,7,8 speed bicycle.
do i need to modify the front sprocket at all?
will i need a bigger rear axle?

reason i am doing this is so i can get a sick bikes jackshaft
Easier- just get an internally geared hub. Just that, cable and the brakes.

Front brakes would help, but no need to touch the front hub.
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Your rear frame dropout might be too narrow to make this project successful. I had the same problem, so I just bought a 7-speed Raleigh bike with cruiser-type frame.
I'm thinking along the same lines as 5-7 heaven; converting your bike might be just as expensive (and much more hassle) than just getting another bike.
If you use the internal hub, can you still use the sick jackshaft? I'm asking, because I don't know.