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    Has anyone ever tried to put another freewheel on the left side of the back wheel? I was just trying to think of another (better) way of attaching the drive sprocket. I bought the sprocket adapter from creative engineering, and it works ok, but every now and then it slips on the axle and tears off a couple of spokes. The jackshaft kit looks cool, but too expensive. Anyone tried my idea, or anything else?


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    Extra Freewheel

    You could try just grabbing a whole wheel from Currie electric but the sprocket is only 20 tooth. May not be what your looking for. Also White Industries seems to have a wide range of freewheels available. Machine shops would be extremely happy to help adapt one if necessary.
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    Sorry i didn't find this sooner but Currie also has a freewheel that bolts onto the spokes it's 54 tooth. The price is right around $90 US. Hope this helps
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    Thanks, do you have Any links to currie?

    Anyone else have any other ideas?


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    Sources for left hand thread freewheels and hubsRob,


    There are two sources that I know of that offer the type of hub and freewheel set up you are asking about. The first is the HD Hub from Grubee It is probably the least expensive way to get what you want, but you might want to search for threads about this hub here to read others experiences with using it. The second is the Staton HD Hub You will note the Staton freewheel has just a mounting flange, and that they offer various sizes of sprockets and chain compatibility. You could probably mount just about any of the various rear sprockets from different kits to it by redrilling some holes in the sprockets. The Staton parts are much higher quality parts and their prices reflect this greater/higher quality.